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5 reasons to do a couples boudoir session

Couples boudoir is awesome.  The End. Just kidding... it's not the end!  While the pictures speak for themselves, I will never be a "one liner" kinda gal so I am going to tell you WHY it's awesome. Celebrate your love: regardless of your age, gender, sexual preference, shape, marital status or…

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Christmas Sale | Holiday Boudoir

Christmas talk, already?  Well, what had happened was... I meant to throw a Christmas in July promo out there but I ran out of days in July.  So, let's call this promotion an end of summer sale! I recently asked the gals in the Glam Gang: Be Shameless page what type of product they would like to…

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Sparkle & Celebrate PINK 2019 | Breast Cancer Event

If you're new to the gang you may not be familiar with terms like "Glitter Tits" or "Bedazzle The Boobies" - which is totally fine, because I'm going to explain it all right here. In 2017 a group of talented artists came together to form Sparkle & Celebrate PINK, an event focused on pampering…

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Bustin’ The Myths | The Truth Behind Boudoir

  We all know the saying, "If I had a dime..." well, true story because if I had a dime for every time I heard the following statements/questions - I'd be a rich bitch!  I can tell you that I, a boudoir photographer, say the same shit ya'll do - and I promise that whoever is photographing me…

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Stand Proud | Atlanta Boudoir Specialist

So, you make the first move... you contact the boudoir photog that you've researched and you KNOW is for you.  Now what?  Well, hopefully they send you a prep guide or have some sort of consultation where a lot of your questions will be answered, but where is your head when it comes to the final…

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Is Boudoir For You? | North Georgia Boudoir Studio

  I always want to know what brought you to boudoir.  For some, it's a gift for a lover.  But, most of our clients come to us because they have a need.  They need to feel beautiful, sexy, empowered, confident... they need to see theirselves as others see them.  They need to document this…

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2019 Brand Rep Search is on! | Be Shameless with Mirrored Images Boudoir

2018 has been an incredible year and these lovely ladies above have helped Mirrored Images Boudoir grow as a business, but I have grown as a person thanks to them.  The interaction in our Glam Gang group is at an all time high, women are supporting each other in ways they've never been able to…

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Breast Cancer Awareness | Sparkle & Celebrate PINK Atlanta Georgia

  Sparkle & Celebrate PINK was created in 2017 by a group of artists who wanted to create a day of beauty and celebration for breast cancer survivors.  Last year, Jenn Hyman, Katie Cotton, Staci Gibbs, and Jade Couch provided professional makeup, hair, body paint, lunch, wine and a photo…

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GLAMbassador spotlight: Tammy

Hey girl, hey!  It's been a crazy couple of months and we have totally slacked on blogging.  But, great things are worth the wait!  I want to introduce ya'll to Tammy.  She's my favorite firey red head <3 Tammy won a session with us last year, during that session she agreed to being videoed for…

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Preparing for a shoot | Atlanta Boudoir

"I wanted to share my photo shoot experience. I was so excited and nervous leading up to it. I wanted it to be as awesome as I had heard. I posted how I worried I was about finding outfits, dealing with summer tan lines, and finding a neutral nail color I loved (I wear darks). I planned my hair cut…

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Sparkle & Celebrate PINK | Breast Cancer Awareness

Sponsored by: Shameless, Inc.  A new women's intimate apparel company launching in January 2019 that supports a woman's decision to LOVE herself, her body, her curves (or lack of), her scars and everything that makes her HER! Hi friends!  It's time to announce the SECOND annual Sparkle &…

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GLAMbassador spotlight: Heather

Heather is one of the few clients that I've actually cried with.  I do my best to keep my composure when our clients tell us about their lives - but sometimes I can't.  She told me the story of her deceased husbands addiction to opiate pain medication, an epidemic I'm very familiar with, and I…

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