Holiday Gifting

With Christmas approaching and Black Friday behind us, holiday shopping is in full swing. Your wallet and brain are both taking a beating as you work your way through the list. If you are like most of my friends and family, you hit a small speed bump when it comes to that “special” person in your…

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Finding Gratitude

In our effort to put 2020 behind us and ring in 2021, the holidays may seem even more important. Jack o’ lanterns have quickly been replaced with wreaths, and holiday music is on repeat. It’s almost easy to overlook Thanksgiving in the rush toward the end of the year, but I invite you to slow…

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That’s What She Said: Marissa

I wasn’t a stranger to Mirrored Images; I have friends who are ambassadors of the brand; heck, I’ve even modeled for their Shameless collection. However, I never thought I could or would book an actual session. I always made the excuse of the costs, but would quickly find myself spending the same…

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Stitch Fix Review

If you are like me and have given seconds to google a new product, watch a pet video or explore a travel destination, your social feeds become flooded with sponsored ads enticing you to make your slight interest a purchase reality. Normally, I scroll past. I don’t have time to fill out another…

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Selfish Isn’t a Bad Word

To be a woman in today's world you need to be a three-ring circus act.  A juggler for your daily responsibilities, a contortionist for your evening show, and if you are a mom, you can add on an entire tent to your troupe. Women are expected to be nurturers, kind, and open, the heart of the family,…

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Body Dysmorphia Disorder

To the Me I See…   You could stand to lose some weight, those 5pds have been around 5 years too long. If only you were taller/thinner, this outfit would look better If you looked like the woman on TV/mags you’d have a man by now If only your wave would end with your hand and not extend up…

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24 must have Amazon finds!

  When I opened the studio 3 years ago I had no lingerie, no shoes, no accessories.  Over the years I've collected items for client sessions because, let's be real, lingerie shopping can be a daunting task.  I tell our clients not to spend money on lingerie, jewelry or shoes unless they plan…

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Self Growth

In the three years that our studio has been open we've had hundreds of beautiful clients come through our doors; most walk in nervous, unsure, anxious, and with no experience of being in front of a camera.  Our goal is to provide each client with a life changing experience that will allow them to…

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Show Off Your Sexy

Is your house missing something?  Is your wall decor dated and/or impersonal?  We're all guilty of "it"... buying a placeholder to put on the wall so it didn't look bare and telling yourself when you find something better you'll update it.  But, 5 years later it's still there and you may not even…

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Watercolor Art | New product!

I love exploring new products and it's been a hot minute since we've added something to our A La Carte menu.  Recently one of our clients posted on her instagram a watercolor painting she did and I loved (LOVED LOVED LOVEDDDD) it!  I immediately contacted her and asked her to take an image from her…

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Doggy Style | CoVid 2020

Giving doggy style a new meaning Before I get into the pictures, let me put a few disclaimers out there. 1: These images are in no way meant to "mock" or diss our clients.  I had a fun idea and thought it would get an extra giggle out of viewers to post pictures of our clients doing the same poses.…

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I feel more free | Boudoir Client

  Interview with Miss B What made you choose Mirrored Images Boudoir? Loved the images I saw on the website! Loved Jenn’s bio and felt her personality would make this all ok. Was there a reason you wanted to book a session? I am finally at peace with my body image and wanted to celebrate…

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