2020 has had its trials and come 11:59PM on December 31st I am sure you will be among those hoping 2021 will offer a better outlook. Yet, somehow this year, despite all its differences, many will fall into the habit and make resolutions to be “new” and improved in some way. Oaths to save, travel more, and eat less will be made. Followed by the first quarter of the new year during which many of these promises will be broken and gym memberships unused. This year I am saying TO HELL WITH THAT!

2020 has been difficult, but not the worse year for me, there have been other years in which I’ve lost more; more money, more people, more everything. Specifically, 2012 in which my husband lost his mother, and I lost my best friend. Yes, my mother-in-law was my best friend and for you married ladies out there you understand this is like catching lightning in a bottle.  I hated that year and was happy to see it go. We threw a New Year’s party in our small NY apartment themed – “F U 2012”. It was epic! We said goodbye to all that happened that year and opted to start the new year on a better foot.

This year I am following suit and hosting a (small) Roaring 20’s NYE party. I think this is a fitting tribute. The ‘20s were the era of prohibition and 2020 has been a VERY prohibited year.  In 1920 they weren’t allowed to drink, and in 2020, in some states, we aren’t allowed to drink indoors, within 6 feet of one another or after 10PM.  I will take all the precautions ahead of time so I can lose all my inhibitions the night of AND the next morning I am not going to have one regret, one resolution or one broken promise, because I am not going to make any.

This year I urge you to reflect rather than restrict. Look back at all you’ve learned about yourself throughout the year. Pat yourself on the back for what you’ve accomplished and say F U to the rest.  Remember selfish isn’t a bad word, remember to give yourself permission for self-care and to take up room.  This year has been one of firsts, change and “the new normal”.   Forget the New Year New Me mantra!  I have had enough of the “new”. If 2020 has taught me anything it’s that I like who I am, for good or bad and I am keeping her around.

When the clock strikes 12 on all this craziness, 2021 is on schedule to mimic the early 80s – debauchery, decadence and overindulgence is all I have planned.  I will eat that brownie that is a bazillion calories, because after this past year Athleisure is now acceptable work attire. I will use accrued PTO and I will take that trip I’ve been saving for, but never found time to go (some place must be open).  And when I get there, I will go to the beach with my added brownie weight because that’s why God made one-piece bathing suits.

The only resolution I am making is a promise to myself that I will enjoy every minute this new year has to offer in whatever way I can, to the fullest extent I can.  I am not going to fall into the trap of last year and put added pressure on myself with plans that this will be the “best year ever” for me, because I have no idea what’s ahead.  What I can promise is I am going to enjoy 2021 for whatever it is and whatever it brings.


Happy New Year – Marissa xoxo