Is your house missing something?  Is your wall decor dated and/or impersonal?  We’re all guilty of “it”… buying a placeholder to put on the wall so it didn’t look bare and telling yourself when you find something better you’ll update it.  But, 5 years later it’s still there and you may not even realize it’s still there because it doesn’t speak to you.

Those days are over ladies.

It’s time that you hang something beautiful in its place.  It’s time for you to look at the art every day and feel proud.  It’s time for you to see yourself as a piece of art.


FACT: many of our clients purchase wall art that is “anonymous” to put above their bed or in their bathroom.  It’s similar to pieces you would find at an art gallery and no one would ever know it was you.

Other clients have chosen to embrace their experience with us and display an image where you can identify them.

There is no right or wrong answer, the truth is that every time you look at the image YOU will remember your experience, YOU will feel powerful, beautiful, and proud.  In the end, that’s all that matters.