In the three years that our studio has been open we’ve had hundreds of beautiful clients come through our doors; most walk in nervous, unsure, anxious, and with no experience of being in front of a camera.  Our goal is to provide each client with a life changing experience that will allow them to walk out of our building with their head held higher than when they walked in.  It’s crazy to think that 3 short hours can make that much of an impact on someones life, it’s even more crazy to think that WE can make that much of an impact on someones life.  It’s definitely not something I take lightly, it’s my passion and my mission.

Being a boudoir photographer and having a safe & judgement free space for other women to express theirselves allows me the ability to heal and grow as well.  When we opened our doors I ran a model call with the purpose being to get clients in the studio so I could test out the new sets and studio.  Briana was one of those clients in 2017 and I recently had the privilege of photographing her again.  During the image reveal her husband kept saying how different of a vibe this recent session was from the first, so curiosity got ahold of me and I went back to Briana’s first session and HOT DAYUM yes it is SO different!  This gave me the opportunity to reflect on my own growth as an artist, but the most interesting part was how much the different styles over the years are a direct reflection of me and where I was in life at the time.

What started out as my desire to have a creative space, with the hope to be able to book enough work just to cover the overhead has turned into so much more.  The last 8 months have been challenging; many of our followers know my husband was diagnosed with cancer in September 2019.  The studio generated the income to get us through a very difficult time and without it, without our clients, I’m not sure what our situation would be like.  I am forever grateful for all of our clients who chose us to tell their story, for our repeat clients who continue to choose us, and for those who are awaiting their sessions.

So, for fun – here are a few images from Briana’s 2017 session and 2020 session.