With Christmas approaching and Black Friday behind us, holiday shopping is in full swing. Your wallet and brain are both taking a beating as you work your way through the list. If you are like most of my friends and family, you hit a small speed bump when it comes to that “special” person in your life. Special could be the new boo you just started dating, a long-term love, or if you are of the millennial or Z generations – this could be someone you’re just hooking up with on a recurring basis.   Either way the looming question remains – do they go on the list (hook-ups) and if so, what do I get them? With the help of my husband (under duress and fear of making the naughty list this year), I compiled a few ideas for the new and the long term loves of your life.  


The WAW (what are we?) Stage 

Whether you’re young, single, newly single, or returning to the dating game there is always that starting point. That point in time when you aren’t defined, yet you find yourself in each other’s space more than not.  So, do you include him/her on your list? Will this scare them off if you include them or piss them off if you do not? The answer: If you haven’t shared a holiday with this person, then don’t go spending your holiday cash on a gift but plan a post-holiday hook-up (outside the bedroom), also known as a date for generations X and up. Pick a day/time between Christmas and NYE and have a blast. You might just end up with a new bae for the new year.


The New Bae 

So, you are a grown woman with the title “girlfriend”. Who cares! You are defined now, so what the heck are you going to get your boyfriend? Here’s a hint from my bae: MEN LIKE WHEN YOU LISTEN.  In the last months he’s probably dropped a few hints about his favorites, so pick them up! Get him a gift card for one of his favorite activities. BE SPECIFIC, an Amex or Visa gift card won’t cut it.  If he’s a gamer, sport fan, or chef- there’s a gift card for it.  Be creative with the presentation, if he’s a golfer present him with the gift of a tee-time at a local golf course, complete with personalized golf balls.  


If your man’s interests are even more specific, try a one of kind gift from a small business like Mancrates who offers curated crates for masculine interests, or visit Etsy and Amazon Handmade for gifts aimed at your bae’s hobbies and interests.


The Honeymooners

A gift card isn’t going to cut it anymore. You now have permanent pet names and have been through at least one holiday. Since you know he’s worth it, dig a little deeper. With 2020 keeping us sidelined, events are the way to set off 2021. Plan a short trip and take him to an away game. If he has a favorite band, check and see if they are playing smaller venues right now and buy some tickets.


Not a planner? No worries. If you are adventurous, Packupgo  is the way to go. They do ALL the planning with options spanning from the staycation to the surprise road/plane/train trip. You set the budget and travel parameters and the rest is a surprise for him and you!  


The Long Haul 

When you’ve gifted everything from ties to diamonds it’s time to step back and use the knowledge you’ve obtained over the years to think outside of the box. A gift that provides more than one experience helps keep the coming year exciting!  The Couples Bucket List is the perfect gift for a long-term relationship that provides some inspiration for dates and adventures.  Gift it on Christmas and work your way through your top 12 choices throughout the new year. 


Or you can return to the basics and keep it simple. Gather a few of your loves favorite things in multiples and give him 12 Days of Christmas! Each day presenting him with one to twelve of his faves. You can wrap them individually for a daily drop off that will keep him counting the days, or gift him a HUGE box of holiday spirit on Christmas day.


Regardless of where you are in your love story – do not lose sight of the point of the holiday and the importance of one another.


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