Jenn made my experience absolutely AMAZING. She is a master of her craft and her passion and artistry show in everything she does. She made me feel so comfortable from the very first communication I had with her. I was a bit nervous about the posing because I tend to be awkward, but she is extremely skilled at helping you pose for your body and your comfort level. I really can't sing Jenn's praises enough. I want to go back already!! This experience made me feel so good about myself. It's an absolute confidence builder. If you have ever even considered doing a boudoir shoot, stop thinking about it and book with Jenn. You will be thrilled you did!!

I would highly recommend Staci for hair and makeup. She made me feel so glamorous and it was perfect for the pictures. She also instantly makes you feel comfortable and help ease any nervousness you have about any imperfections. I, of course, broke out about 2 days before the shoot, and she made my face look flawless. She's incredible!

Thank you! I'm a fan for life!

I was intrigued by Jenn’s work from the moment I saw her portfolio. In addition, she has sponsored wonderful events in the community. She has a heart of gold!  I am thrilled with her work and have referred others to her. Book a session now instead of waiting for that elusive “perfect time.” She will capture your most beautiful and confident self on film no matter what!

My experience with Mirrored Images Boudoir was absolutely phenomenal! Jenn is so sweet and provides wonderful empowering encouragement throughout the whole process. She truly understands on how to capture the human form and turn into art! She made me feel so amazing and strong! The hair and makeup was amazing! The set was beautiful; and the clothes and shoes....whew! Love them shoes! Ah I can't explain it enough. Words alone doesn't do it all justice! She has built an amazing brand as well as a support group of many beautiful people who have had the pleasure of working with her. Thank you Jenn for not only capturing my sexy side but for also reminding me of how we all support each other in our journeys. I can't wait to work with you again!

I received my album this week and was able give it to my husband as an anniversary gift. Anyone on the fence about doing a photo shoot better go ahead and hop off that fence and schedule! when I originally booked this, it wasn’t for just my husband, but me as well. His reaction couldn’t have been any better or sweeter. He ended up guessing what I was up to (I had kept it a secret for 3 months) but still didn’t know what was behind that cover. Once he got the album he kept complimenting saying how awesome the pictures were and how they were sexy but so classy. Between his “wows” he looked at me and said, "I hope these photos make you see the beauty in yourself that I see daily!”...... how can I be so lucky!

I was nervous for my session with Mirrored Images Boudoir. Anxious about what to do and embarrassed about my body. Life, kids, surgeries all made their mark on what I look like today. I scheduled the appointment for myself. I needed to remember who I was. I needed to remind myself how every scar, every stretch mark, every single cellulite dimple is part of an amazing package. Jenn and Staci made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in. They were both so encouraging throughout the whole process. This was the self confidence boost I needed. As soon as I left I knew that I would do this again! If you have hesitated to schedule, believe me, it is a decision you will not regret!

I chose Mirrored Images because the beautiful images made me want to feel beautiful too.  I was nervous, very nervous.  Like many women, I hated my body and didn’t want to see ‘the ugly side of me’ in the pictures.  Jenn showed me a few pictures along the way and it eased my anxiety and shyness pretty fast.  The response to the images was WAY better than I expected, that’s why I bought them all!  My favorite part of the experience was knowing I had proof that I am beautiful, contrary to the statements pushed into my head for years.  I am STILL high on the confidence this session gave me, I am confident to wear what I want, see who I want, and believe them when they say I am beautiful.  I will never be able to express what these pictures have done to help change my life.  I look at them almost every day.  I can’t wait to do it again and get a BIG canvas and ANOTHER ALBUM with their new awesome album covers.

I am so grateful to both of you women.  I look forward to the next meeting with new hair and makeup ideas.  The new man in my life didn’t say anything at first… just a massive jaw drop.  Then, he kept saying how awesome I was for DAYS!  I want this feeling for the rest of my life!

I chose Mirrored Images because the photo’s on the website were gorgeous.  My friends pushed me to do the session, I did it for my husband for Christmas.  I was so nervous, but you are amazing and nothing was awkward!  I didn’t have to think… just follow instructions.  My favorite part about the session is that I feel sexy for the first time in my life!  For anyone who is hesitating doing a session, do it!  I still can’t believe I did , but now I feel like I can be a great business owner, amazing mom, awesome wife, and smoking hot all at once.  It feels like I can do anything!  I love the album I bought, my girlfriends think the photos are hot!  Thank you for helping me find someone I didn’t know existed.

My friend recommended Mirrored Images Boudoir and after seeing the outcome of her session, I booked mine!  I have wanted to do this for years AND I wanted to do something different for my husband for Christmas.  I was a little nervous but the interaction with Jenn & Staci made me feel very comfortable.  I couldn’t wait until Christmas to show my husband the teasers she sent me and his reaction was better than I expected!  My favorite part… was the whole thing!  It was amazing and uplifting!  I love the album I bought, I’m saving that and two large prints for him to open on Christmas!  I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to find my inner sexy!

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and do something for not only my husband, but for me as well!  I was nervous at first but Jenn pulled me out of my shyness real quick! Laughing and being able to joke around was what made it more comfortable for me.  The session was awesome! My photos turned out so good and I couldn’t be happier.  I feel more confident about myself now than before i did my shoot and it’s amazing. For anyone thinking about doing a shoot, do it!  Don’t think, just do it.

I read the posts on her site and felt like she truly does do her best to make her clients feel beautiful and confident.  I wanted to do it for such a long time. I wanted to do one before I got married but never got around to it. I did it for both myself and my husband, but really for me. You have to love yourself in order to love others!  I was so nervous. Especially being half naked in front of a stranger lol. But Jenn really makes you feel good about yourself and tells you exactly what to do to make you look super sexy! Her telling me how to pose and guiding me on what to do really helped ease my nerves.  I am in love with basically every single photo she took, and there was a lot! I had such a hard time choosing which ones to put in my book for my husband so I had to purchase more.

My favorite part:  Everything!  From the hair and makeup to the posing and outfits. It really is such a fun experience and makes you feel like such a powerful and sexy woman when you are done. No matter what you look like, what you wear, what you don’t like about yourself or whatever, Jenn makes you feel at ease with everything and helps guide you to show yourself how truly beautiful you are. You feel like a model for a day and it gives you an amazing confidence boost.  This experience really helped me feel confident about myself. I love looking at my pictures and saying “dang is that me?” It will never get old!

When I gave my husband his gift his eyes got huge and he was in shock. Lol he loved his book! I also loved my book and all my photos! They are so good and make you look and feel so sexy! I loved the feeling I got when I started looking at the photos after the shoot. I love how good they turned out and how good I felt about myself. She makes you realize how good you do look, no matter how bad you think you might look. Every woman needs an experience like this for herself, really, and no one else. With the way society makes you think you should look or be, this kind of experience makes you feel confident and sexy being just the way you are, which is beautiful no matter what! My advice; do boudoir, be sexy, be confident, be beautiful, be you and love yourself!