I chose Mirrored Images because the beautiful images made me want to feel beautiful too.  I was nervous, very nervous.  Like many women, I hated my body and didn’t want to see ‘the ugly side of me’ in the pictures.  Jenn showed me a few pictures along the way and it eased my anxiety and shyness pretty fast.  The response to the images was WAY better than I expected, that’s why I bought them all!  My favorite part of the experience was knowing I had proof that I am beautiful, contrary to the statements pushed into my head for years.  I am STILL high on the confidence this session gave me, I am confident to wear what I want, see who I want, and believe them when they say I am beautiful.  I will never be able to express what these pictures have done to help change my life.  I look at them almost every day.  I can’t wait to do it again and get a BIG canvas and ANOTHER ALBUM with their new awesome album covers.

I am so grateful to both of you women.  I look forward to the next meeting with new hair and makeup ideas.  The new man in my life didn’t say anything at first… just a massive jaw drop.  Then, he kept saying how awesome I was for DAYS!  I want this feeling for the rest of my life!