My name is Catherine and at 48 years old I am in my second act. My initial path allowed me to become a mother to my 3 amazing children (and 4 even more amazing grandchildren). During this time, I found fulfillment in the role of mother, my passions were put on hold. As women, we often get wrapped up in others needs and goals and differ our own. However, despite things being a mess, I’d mastered the ability to show to make it look easy. When my marriage ended, the web I spun to hold it all together dissolved, and I was faced with the reality. My children were grown, and my marriage was over. So, who was Catherine?

The journey of finding out led me back into the dating pool, and wow, for a while there I was swimming in the shallow end. I found Mirrored Images, while searching for a birthday present for a man I was dating, that I mistakenly thought would be part of my future. Thankfully God knew better and had other plans for me. That relationship didn’t pan out, but I had a new one with Jenn and the Mirrored Images team. I wish all women were able to view themselves through Jenn’s camera lens, because she makes us look beautiful and feel powerful. Despite your insecurities, and trust me, I had my own. My first shoot, I spent the entire time thinking:
“God, I hope I don’t look as fat as I feel.”
“Man, how in the world am I going to do this without falling on my ass.”
“How does she [Jenn] make it look so easy; where does she get the energy?’
“Why can’t I ever get my makeup and hair to look this amazing?”
“Please don’t’ get my ass in these photos.” *
*This was a major concern for me because I hate my ass, lol.

Since then, I’ve been back to Mirrored Images at various stages of my journey towards finding myself and my self-worth. The first may have been for someone else, but the second was for me (after I split from him). Each time I take away a little of the woman that Jenn sees on her side of the lens, the woman she helps us all see when we get our final images.
Now as a woman in her 40s, I am beginning to take the world on my own terms. I am returning to my passion work in the veterinary field after five years helping others reach their goals. I’ve allowed myself to be open to the possibility of love again, and the universe has blessed me with a wonderful partner and husband (of 2 years and counting). I am having such an incredible experience with him that I scheduled my THIRD session with Jenn shortly after we got engaged. I couldn’t wait to show off my newfound happiness. It was a world wind romance and
we married quickly, but when you know, you know, right? Life is truly an adventure if you allow it to be and I am excited for what the future holds.

I discount nothing from my journey and its experiences, but if I had the opportunity to lend my younger self some advice it would be to tell her to “worry less”. Life is messy, and you can’t control all things. Take the bad, the good, and the in-between. It will work out to what it’s meant to be. Sometimes you must go through different versions of yourself to find your identity. Not the titles given, or the roles played. Who you are, for you. I am beginning to get to know this version of myself, and I like her A LOT. Messy and all.