“I am invincible, unbreakable
Unstoppable, unshakeable
They knock me down, I get up again
I am the champion, you’re gon’ know my name
You can’t hurt me now, I can’t feel the pain
I was made for this, yeah, I was born to win
I am the champion”

— Carrie Underwood

Ya’ll, these are just a few of the lyrics to Carrie Underwood’s new song “The Champion”. She teamed up with Ludacris to create an explosive song that would introduce the Superbowl this year. The song was so good, the Winter Olympics committee decided it would also become the theme song of the 2018 Winter Games.

So what does this have to do with Boudoir? Well, nothing specifically with boudoir but I was driving into work this morning and I had one of those moments where you just go “oh wow, that makes sense”. I was thinking how powerful this song actually is – yes it is predominantly revolving around sports and athletic events as there are multiple times the lyrics refer to “training” and “winning” BUT I was thinking about how this can be incorporated into your everyday life.

Just take a look at the lyrics above, incorporate those lyrics into your everyday life — YOU ARE INVINCIBLE. YOU ARE UNBREAKABLE. YOU ARE THE CHAMPION.

So as you’re doing your adulting today *ugh* and you feel yourself running out of steam, take a break and put on this song for a little pick me up!