Oh maaaaaa gosh!  I started looking for a studio space a few months ago, didn’t find anything that sang to me… a few weeks ago I viewed available space at the Gainesville Mill (In Gainesville Georgia) and loved the building and spaces… I LOVED another space there that was already rented.  Christa O’Brien is a wedding photographer in North Atlanta and she uses the space primarily for stylized shoots.  I’m using her space here and there until the space I’m renting is done being renovated!

I’ve changed my website as well, because I am now focusing on boudoir photography (as opposed to general portraits and weddings).  I do still offer portraits and lifestyle photography and I’ll use the space for that too!  I’ve been photographing boudoir since 2008 and I’ve never once said or felt that I didn’t enjoy it.  Boudoir photography is where my heart is and it’s my passion.  I want to empower women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to love themselves and appreciate who they are.  This is an experience that will stay with you, it’s not a session that you’ll forget…

Ladies only: please join my VIP boudoir group on facebook.  It’s a place for us (all women) to encourage each other to be and feel amazing.  We’ll have open discussions, chat about hair and make up, go over style ideas.. and most importantly there will be members only promotions!  Click here!

The space is 800 Georgia Ave, Gainesville GA 30501 and is easily accessed from I985.  She currently has some beautiful vintage pieces  in the studio and I’ll be setting up a bed when I shoot there.  Here’s a few quick pic’s to get your mouth watering… her space is ah-maze-ing.

Gainesville Georgia boudoir photography studioAtlanta Georgia boudoir photographer