I read the posts on her site and felt like she truly does do her best to make her clients feel beautiful and confident.  I wanted to do it for such a long time. I wanted to do one before I got married but never got around to it. I did it for both myself and my husband, but really for me. You have to love yourself in order to love others!  I was so nervous. Especially being half naked in front of a stranger lol. But Jenn really makes you feel good about yourself and tells you exactly what to do to make you look super sexy! Her telling me how to pose and guiding me on what to do really helped ease my nerves.  I am in love with basically every single photo she took, and there was a lot! I had such a hard time choosing which ones to put in my book for my husband so I had to purchase more.

My favorite part:  Everything!  From the hair and makeup to the posing and outfits. It really is such a fun experience and makes you feel like such a powerful and sexy woman when you are done. No matter what you look like, what you wear, what you don’t like about yourself or whatever, Jenn makes you feel at ease with everything and helps guide you to show yourself how truly beautiful you are. You feel like a model for a day and it gives you an amazing confidence boost.  This experience really helped me feel confident about myself. I love looking at my pictures and saying “dang is that me?” It will never get old!

When I gave my husband his gift his eyes got huge and he was in shock. Lol he loved his book! I also loved my book and all my photos! They are so good and make you look and feel so sexy! I loved the feeling I got when I started looking at the photos after the shoot. I love how good they turned out and how good I felt about myself. She makes you realize how good you do look, no matter how bad you think you might look. Every woman needs an experience like this for herself, really, and no one else. With the way society makes you think you should look or be, this kind of experience makes you feel confident and sexy being just the way you are, which is beautiful no matter what! My advice; do boudoir, be sexy, be confident, be beautiful, be you and love yourself!