Spice It Up Vol. 3

Here we are again - Spice It Up!

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Date Night Ideas

How often do you find yourself wanting a date night but just cant figure out what to do? I know I know, the men are supposed to plan date nights, right? Although it's always nice to be taken on a surprise date every now and again, we too can plan those sexy nights out with our lover!

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Which Thanksgiving Foods Are Aphrodisiacs?

It may seem absurd to some of you to already be thinking about this but I just purchased my plane tickets home for the Thanksgiving holiday and I immediately went into turkey and mashed potato mind mode. But seriously ladies -- its October 18! We have about a month before some of us start cooking for our Thanksgiving feast.

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and sex on my mind (because, when is sex not on my mind), I thought to myself, how can these two things be related? Well here it is! All of your questions answered! Did you know that many of the traditional foods and ingredients we use at Thanksgiving have aphrodisiac properties? That explains a lot thinking back to all of those food coma moments sitting on the couch but STILL craving a little "dessert" huh?

Check out the list below and make sure you gather all of the right ingredients for your pantry!




Nutmeg & Cinnamon


-- xoxo

Spice It Up Vol 2

Today's Topic Of Spice It Up Conversation: PDA

How do you and your significant show each other love? Is it ONLY behind closed doors or do you dip into a little bit of PDA every now and then? Personally, I am not huge info PDA but I do think it is necessary sometimes! We all want to feel loved and appreciated in public sometimes -- it gives us some type of arousal. And the same goes for men! If you show your man affection in public, I guarantee he will show it back 10x and certainly spice things up in the bedroom!

Now, when I say "PDA" I don't automatically mean let's make out in public (although I kind of mean that too), it could mean something as small as making your Facebook status "In a Relationship".

Spice It Up Story time!

My friend.. lets name her Mary.. told me this story about her PDA and I thought I would share with you all!

So Mary and her boyfriend had been in a disagreement, it wasn't a huge fight but it was big enough where neither of them really wanted to talk to one another. Mary knew that this fight was so insignificant that it was actually pointless to allow it to get in the way of their relationship. Now ladies -- I KNOW this happens to all of us. Those stupid pesky little fights that literally have no point and they should have never started in the first place. Anyway, so Mary decided to take things into her own hands and make things right with her man. Now before I tell you all what she did let me start by saying -- not everyone can do what Mary did due to logistics in the work environment (haha) BUT you can certainly try.

So it was a rainy day and Mary's boyfriend was at work, it was going to be a long shift and she knew she wouldn't get to talk with him to straighten anything out until much later in the evening. That just wasn't going to work for Mary's personality, she needed resolution immediately. She put on her sexiest black lace teddy, knee high black heeled boots, with a trench coat over top and got into her car venturing to her mans job.

Remember, Mary knew he would be able to come out to the car AND she knew he would be able to take a break for a little while. She was very familiar with the area and knew where there were some secluded spots.

So, Mary got to her mans place of employment and lured him out to a secluded spot in the back. When he got into the car she took her trench coat off and he was speechless. She told him to just sit back and relax **if you know what I mean**

Now, ladies, this is an extreme case of PDA, and it really wasn't super "public" because no one saw. BUT I can imagine the thrill of getting caught made things that much sexier!

Moral of the story - give your man a little surprise every now and then, I promise you won't regret it ;)


Spice It up Vol. 1

Happy Hump Day my Boudie Babes!

Let's be honest, at some point or another, we all look for tips and tricks on how to spice up your sex life. I also think that sometimes we're afraid or ashamed of what people will think if we bring up conversation about our sexual thoughts and fantasies, so we just keep to ourselves and never act on those thoughts. Keeping that in mind, I decided to do something kind of fun and intriguing over the next few weeks (or until I run out of sexy ideas)! Once a week i'll be posting a new volume of my Spice It up series where I will be giving different ideas on how you can spice things up in (or out) of the bedroom with your lover. Don't worry if you're not into my thoughts or suggestions, they are simply that -- thoughts and suggestions. I will also incorporate some stories, because who does love a story!

I think for the first post, I will keep things relatively PG-13 and stay along the lines of Boudoir - because, the obvious!

I'm talking about wearing that sexy lingerie that is sitting in the back of your closet for your man on the reg! I am so guilty of buying lingerie thinking i'm going to wear it all the time and then NEVER taking it out of the closet. And that stuff is not cheap! If you have already done a boudoir shoot, then you too most likely purchased some amazing pieces but how often do you wear them? I have at least 6 pieces sitting in the back of the closet collecting dust as I type this.

Ladies, put it to use whenever you can, I PROMISE it will spice things up. I used to have the mindset "why am I going to go through all that trouble when its just going to come off in 2.4 seconds?" Well, i'm telling you now, its so worth it!

Here is a scenario for you -- If you have the opportunity, get home from work before you man and make him a really nice romantic dinner. Just before he gets home, make sure dinner is almost ready and go slip into something you know drives him crazy. When he walks in through the door, be waiting in your lingerie with the delicious dinner smells throughout the house. Make him eat dinner with you, in your lingerie, before moving onto any extracurricular activities. Making him wait will build up the tension, and will make the sex that much better! When all is said and done, bring out some real dessert to share.

Now, there is no reason you HAVE to wait, there have been multiple times that I have put some lingerie and some high boots and been waiting to get busy the minute he walks through the door. But it sure is a bit more fun to watch him struggle to keep it together ;)

-- xoxo

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how YOU spice things up, shoot me an email @ Meghan@MirroredImages.net