It may seem absurd to some of you to already be thinking about this but I just purchased my plane tickets home for the Thanksgiving holiday and I immediately went into turkey and mashed potato mind mode. But seriously ladies — its October 18! We have about a month before some of us start cooking for our Thanksgiving feast.

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and sex on my mind (because, when is sex not on my mind), I thought to myself, how can these two things be related? Well here it is! All of your questions answered! Did you know that many of the traditional foods and ingredients we use at Thanksgiving have aphrodisiac properties? That explains a lot thinking back to all of those food coma moments sitting on the couch but STILL craving a little “dessert” huh?

Check out the list below and make sure you gather all of the right ingredients for your pantry!




Nutmeg & Cinnamon


— xoxo