Greenville Wedding Photographer | Free Photo Booths!!

I've been hesitant in the past to set up photo booths at wedding receptions because I didn't want it to take away from the couple.  Recently I have had several brides ask if I offered it so when I had the opportunity to test it out and work out all the kinks at the LBD party, I took it.  The photo booth was a ton of fun for both my staff and the guests.  And kinks?  There weren't any kinks!  I used a simple set up that will occupy a small corner in the reception area and it will give your guests the chance to make some fun photos!  Most reception type photos are of guests eating or dancing, but this gives them a chance to goof off and show their personality in front of the camera with my fun props. :)

I am now including the photo booth with ALL my wedding collections, as a special add-on for you and your guests.  Most photographers charge $400-$1000 for this same add-on.  On site printing is available so your guests can bring the memories from the evening home with them!

Greenville Boudoir Photographer | Miss Michelle!

Hot, hot, hot!  Michelle is pretty amazing if I must say so myself.  She's absolutely beautiful, she's extremely intelligent and best of all she's an amazing friend.  She flew up to SC to help me recover from my surgery and once I was feeling up to it, I helped her out with a unique Christmas gift for her husband... a boudoir session!  She was fantastic in front of the camera and definitely made my job easy.

Michelle gave the present to her hubby last night and I got this message from her, "Doug got his present.  He said it's the best he's ever gotten!  Thank you, and he says thank you too!  He said maybe you can make him look good in pictures too! LOL"  Of course Doug!  He must have been bashful when he said that because Doug's a personal trainer, no flaws at all.

Here's a few from the session, of course there are some for his eyes only.  Sorry!

Want to have your own Boudoir session?  Check out the Valentines Day Boudoir Special I am offering Jan 9th to Greenville SC and Jan 16th to West Palm Beach Fl clients!!

Spartanburg Family Photographer | Wes, Stef & Hunter

This family scores big with me.  First off they're very good friends of mine and second they truly know the value of capturing special stages in their lives together.  This is the third session I've had with them in the last year and each time I see lil Hunter he terrorizes me more and more!  Capturing your little ones as they grow up is so important, because before you know it you're sending them to college!

Milliken is one of my favorite places to shoot at, no matter how many times you go there it's never the same.  This time of year is my favorite, the tree's are beautiful and add a great pop of color.  It's also very popular with my clients, and you can see why!

Merry Christmas to a wonderful family!  I love you guys :) <3

Lets Go Cardinals - Lets Go! (woo woo!)

In the past, my lil man has played soccer but this year he wanted to play baseball.  Tonight they played and I snapped away.  Believe it or not, I was on the other side of a fence so the pictures were limited to certain angles.  If you see your child and would like me to email you the photo please email me at -- I'll be taking pictures again next Thursday, so if you'd like individual images of your child in uniform just grab me before the game!

Country Side Ride...

I have been eye balling a certain sunflower patch for over a year. Two years ago I was told there was a beautiful, full and bloomed patch but I could not find it anywhere. The following year I found it, but was about a week too late and they were all dead. But this year, I had my buddies that lived around there keep an eye on it and today I made the drive to photograph it. It's such a beautiful drive that I should take more often. Relaxing and scenic the whole way.

When I got there I found another photographer named Bill. He's from the west coast and is visiting friends here. The stalks were so high that I discovered a new found love for my jeep. I set up the tri pod on top of my jeep and shot away! Who would have thought it? I did some HDR and some single exposure. I hope you enjoy them and remember prints and gallery wraps are available in all sizes!

Spartanburg Photographer | Crazy, sexy, beautiful…{Milliken}

That's it... I've made up my mind.  I'm moving to Alaska!  This heat will be the death of me!  Today wasn't even in the 90's and it was so sticky out Tarah and I both were glistening.


Tarah is a beautiful and artsy 19 year old (almost 20!).  She's originally from Canada so that makes her my first foreign client! (ha.... if you call that foreign) She's in school to be a graphic designer and she has also taken a few photography courses.  Oh and boys... she's single. :o)

I've driven by this great graffiti wall several times over the last year and finally had a client that I knew would be perfect for it.  So off to Spartanburg we went.  The park was packed so after a few shots we moved to an open field near by.  Tarah was a great sport and made posing look effortless.  Despite the humidity, the gnats and the sun glaring down on us we managed to rock this shoot.

Sneak Peaks!

Month of July promotion

To many, July 4th is a day off work, a day to blow things up(fireworks), and a day to be with(i.e. party with) friends and family.  But, do you know the meaning behind the holiday?  Americans became tired of dictatorship, they wanted to make their own rules.  Congress met and Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence which was adopted on July 4, 1776.  The Declaration of Independence is a symbol of American citizens' goals and their desire to fight for them.  It is a symbol of the USA's independence from Great Britain and the courage it took to stand on our own.

Today, nearly 234 years later we have yet another battle in front of us.  Our troops are still fighting for our freedom, our safety and our independence.  Although it may be a small token, I feel that a promotion just for military families is a way for me to give my thanks and show my support.

For the month of July Mirrored Images will be offer 1/2 off any session, excluding weddings.  Portraits, Trash the Dress, Boudoir, Day After Sesssion & Intimate Sessions.  Session must be booked and a deposit must be placed prior to July 31st.

Mal & Cal {Downtown Greenville}

I met Mallorie downtown Greenville a few months ago.  She was working with TJ from Gvegas Nights and I was down there with some friends promoting Portraits for Heroes.  Mallorie was one of the awesome contestants in our bachelor & bachelorette auction, so I was definitely excited to shoot her.

Again, with the rain.  And again it was cleared up by 5 but this time it left behind nasty humidity.  We shot at The Children's Garden which is a cute little area under the 123 Bridge with flowers, gardens, etc.

Mallorie brought her daughter Caleigh, she's 13 months and so adorable.  Those chunky cheeks and gorgeous eyes make her completely irresistable and not to mention she has one hot momma!  Doesn't she look amazing, you'd never know she had a child!

Sneak peaks: