That’s it… I’ve made up my mind.  I’m moving to Alaska!  This heat will be the death of me!  Today wasn’t even in the 90’s and it was so sticky out Tarah and I both were glistening.


Tarah is a beautiful and artsy 19 year old (almost 20!).  She’s originally from Canada so that makes her my first foreign client! (ha…. if you call that foreign) She’s in school to be a graphic designer and she has also taken a few photography courses.  Oh and boys… she’s single. :o)

I’ve driven by this great graffiti wall several times over the last year and finally had a client that I knew would be perfect for it.  So off to Spartanburg we went.  The park was packed so after a few shots we moved to an open field near by.  Tarah was a great sport and made posing look effortless.  Despite the humidity, the gnats and the sun glaring down on us we managed to rock this shoot.

Sneak Peaks!