I have been eye balling a certain sunflower patch for over a year. Two years ago I was told there was a beautiful, full and bloomed patch but I could not find it anywhere. The following year I found it, but was about a week too late and they were all dead. But this year, I had my buddies that lived around there keep an eye on it and today I made the drive to photograph it. It’s such a beautiful drive that I should take more often. Relaxing and scenic the whole way.

When I got there I found another photographer named Bill. He’s from the west coast and is visiting friends here. The stalks were so high that I discovered a new found love for my jeep. I set up the tri pod on top of my jeep and shot away! Who would have thought it? I did some HDR and some single exposure. I hope you enjoy them and remember prints and gallery wraps are available in all sizes!