Hot Girl Summer

  With the summer approaching and the world starting to reopen another ‘virus’ has begun spreading among us…Wanderlust. We need to travel and NOW! Maybe we still can’t make it to that far away island, but that shouldn’t stop us from exploring what’s in our own backyards. Now that small groups…

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Spring Cleaning!

  Each new season brings with it a unique opportunity, but there's something about Spring that gets a chance for rebirth and change. Since Spring is officially here (or so the calendar says despite the 30-degree mornings and 70-degree afternoons), let's take the opportunity to do some spring…

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Coming Through The Abuse

You know that first drop of water that falls on your floor that first major rain of spring. No, you don’t. Why? Because many people don’t see the first drop of change. They live in a belief that they are protected from the elements, the outside, if they are safe in their home. But what if the…

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It’s Getting Hot In Here

With boudoir, preferences vary. There are those that love to be photographed in natural light and surrounded by white (light and fluffy as Jenn calls it), and there are those that prefer to be edited and shot with a darker more moodier feel; but what exists between black and white?  Enter our…

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Keep it Spicy | Valentines Day

  With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching the supermarkets and stores have turned their white walls red and pink awash in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Sponsored by Hallmark and the FTD the holiday can make some of the more cynical of us a bit overwhelmed. Especially if you are in a…

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Head to Toe shopping guide

I am in month six of IF (Intermittent Fasting) and as a treat, I decided to put some of the subscriptions I’ve been paying for to use and dress myself from head to toe for my holiday Zoom parties!  Given my recent luck with Stitch Fix, I figured I didn’t have much to lose.  Well, Ladies you are my…

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I’m saying F U to the “New Year, New You.”

2020 has had its trials and come 11:59PM on December 31st I am sure you will be among those hoping 2021 will offer a better outlook. Yet, somehow this year, despite all its differences, many will fall into the habit and make resolutions to be “new” and improved in some way. Oaths to save, travel…

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Holiday Gifting

With Christmas approaching and Black Friday behind us, holiday shopping is in full swing. Your wallet and brain are both taking a beating as you work your way through the list. If you are like most of my friends and family, you hit a small speed bump when it comes to that “special” person in your…

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Finding Gratitude

In our effort to put 2020 behind us and ring in 2021, the holidays may seem even more important. Jack o’ lanterns have quickly been replaced with wreaths, and holiday music is on repeat. It’s almost easy to overlook Thanksgiving in the rush toward the end of the year, but I invite you to slow…

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That’s What She Said: Marissa

I wasn’t a stranger to Mirrored Images; I have friends who are ambassadors of the brand; heck, I’ve even modeled for their Shameless collection. However, I never thought I could or would book an actual session. I always made the excuse of the costs, but would quickly find myself spending the same…

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Stitch Fix Review

If you are like me and have given seconds to google a new product, watch a pet video or explore a travel destination, your social feeds become flooded with sponsored ads enticing you to make your slight interest a purchase reality. Normally, I scroll past. I don’t have time to fill out another…

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Selfish Isn’t a Bad Word

To be a woman in today's world you need to be a three-ring circus act.  A juggler for your daily responsibilities, a contortionist for your evening show, and if you are a mom, you can add on an entire tent to your troupe. Women are expected to be nurturers, kind, and open, the heart of the family,…

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