Every holiday season I struggle with holiday giving. The pressure to find the “perfect” gift can give even the best of us anxiety. Even with online shopping and overnight delivery there never seems to be enough time to complete shopping for everyone on the list, let alone think of yourself. Too often I’d get caught up in preparing/serving the meal, decorating, and wrapping gifts that I wouldn’t find the time to be present in those special moments I helped make. For years I’d be missing in family photos because I was in the kitchen or had yet to get dressed.

This year I vowed to change all that and I opted to gift myself with ‘peace of mind’. I challenged myself to remember to include ME on my list and I want you to do the same.

Gifting yourself doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Sometimes the best gift is regaining free time so you can be available for what matters. These companies can give that to you, and you’ll feel like Santa and his elves have finally included you on the Nice List.

Skip the lines at the supermarket or the drive to your local butcher for the best cuts. Butcher Box allows you to choose quality cuts of pork, beef, and poultry, pre-portioned and vacuum sealed. Think ahead and purchase all you’ll need for your appetizers or main proteins for family-sized portions. If meat is not on the menu, make a few selections from the array of choices with Wild Alaskan Company for your Feast of Fishes.

If you are keeping it simple and dining for two [or just you], it can still be festive. You don’t have to settle for fast food just because you’ve opted out of the group festivities. HomeChef is one of the few home delivery companies that offers you shortcuts, but they don’t do all the work for you. Unlike other companies that prepare and provide you with the equivalent of an oven ready tv dinner, HomeChef sends you all the ingredients (pre-portioned and measured) along with the recipe to prepare an enjoyable holiday meal for yourself.

To tie the meal together, allow Winc to make some suggestions for wine that will excite your palette. They offer vegan, low sugar and low sulfite options that will keep your party going without the guilt or hangover the next day. Order a few days in advance to ensure delivery on time for your event, or just order to restock your supplies after your friends and family have left.

… but what do I wear:

I love a little bit of sequins and holiday glamour like everyone else but purchasing an entire wardrobe for holiday parties seems a bit much. So why not rent your glitz and glam? This Thanksgiving I finally used my trial membership to Eloquii Unlimited and I received four pieces that gave me casual and fun options to wear for our family meal.

For this coming holiday season, Rent the Runway offers something for everyone and every occasion. With a mobile app and reoccurring discounts, you are ten minutes and a few clicks away from all you’ll need to get from your job’s holiday party through the New Year. Whether you choose cocktail chic or full out glam, RTR has it, including a wide selection of bags and accessories to complete the look. Return them for free when you’re done and they’ll even dry clean them for you!

Whichever you choose, these are just a few of the options available to lessen your load this holiday season and give back some of your time so you can enjoy your holiday with those you love. So this year remember that when you are making your list and checking it twice, it might be nice to include something for you on YOUR list.