Valentine’s Day is here again and along with it the quest for the perfect gift, date, or experience to display your love to your partner. Even if you don’t give in to the pinks and reds surrounding you, you may feel a little pressured to participate, but what if you don’t have a partner this year? Or better yet, why does Valentine’s Day have to be entirely about displaying your love for another?  With society finally beginning to turn their attention to self-care in its many forms, why can’t we claim this Valentine’s Day…for the love of you?

Brighten Up Your Day:  All too often the receipt of flowers is dependent on another to see the worth of the gifting. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries and the occasional “I’m sorry” brings mixed bouquets to long stem roses that brighten your personal space for a few days and then are gone. Leaving that space empty until the next “reason” for flowers arises. This year, reclaim your space. Don’t wait until they are given and gift yourself! Brighten your spirits and stop by the neighborhood florist or the floral aisle of your local supermarket to select your favorites. If you are short on time, try BloomsyBox or another subscription service and you’ll get beautiful blooms delivered monthly (or weekly) to your front door.

Sex up your ‘under there’:  We’ve been told for years that lingerie is a “special” occasion attire, it even has its own drawer relegated to be opened on specific occasions. Apart from the bodysuit and the peek-a-boo bra, lingerie isn’t something we embrace daily. Lace and silk take second place to cotton and Lycra. Sexy defaults to comfortable, and while I totally understand the inclination to avoid the daily feeling of thong floss, there are so many comfortable cuts for daily wear that can allow you to feel sexy on all the layers from your outside inward. If your wardrobe needs a bit of a push (like mine), then try and sign up for a monthly subscription box. They will tailor your selections for lingerie, daily comforts, sleepwear and even swimwear.  Fast forward two weeks and you will have a box of options just for you. No one else has to see, but trust me, you will notice the change. Victoria isn’t the only one who can keep a secret.

Go on an adventure: Take yourself (or your partner) on The Adventure Challenge.  Offering several editions, each book includes a scratch off card that reveals the steps required for a memorable adventure for every relationship in your life be it Single, Dating, Friends, Family or Couples. The company makes things easy with their Adventure Box – a monthly subscription box that accompanies the book and includes everything you will need to complete the adventures. They even have their own (instant) camera you can purchase to catch the moments on film. If you are taking on a solo adventure, no worries, that’s why selfies were made. Snap a few pics and print them from your phone with an Instax printer to add the finishing touches to your book.

Treat Yourself: Most of the time we reserve luxury experiences or purchases for milestone occasions, yet as I get older, I am realizing that I don’t necessarily want to wait, and why should I? Saving is great, and yet it’s responsible, but I challenge you to remember that you also have a responsibility to yourself to indulge on occasion and remember that your life is short! See the shoes, BUY THEM! Tickets for a show you’d enjoy, GO! Have the lust to wander? Take a solo trip and see the world.  Set up a separate slosh fund to allow you to play money you won’t have to feel guilty. Tuck it away from your regular accounts, so you feel the need to use it for necessities, but fund it regularly, so you don’t have to wait on an occasion to treat yourself.

Do not stand around waiting for the perfect time, perfect moment, perfect person to bring life to you.  Go out and grab it. It’s your life, whether you choose to live it with someone or solo, don’t give your power or your autonomy away.