Some may refer to Wednesdays as “Hump Day” because of that silly commercial with the camel. Although that is a GREAT commercial and I too often say “Hump Day” BUT I want Wednesdays to start to have more meaning. From now on, we’re going to refer to it as Women Wednesday! This is OUR day (as every day should be, but you get what I’m saying), we made it halfway through the work week, halfway through the school week, and we are halfway to the weekend. For all you ladies who work on the weekends, you’re even more amazing!

I think sometimes its swept under the rug how amazing woman really are and you often forget to simply Love Yourself. We fall into these thoughts and images of what society makes us think we’re supposed to look or act like. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are subconsciously comparing ourselves to everyone around us. I once had an older woman tell me “I don’t think I’m beautiful, when I think of a beautiful person, I think of someone that looks like you.” My initial thought was “wow, thank you” but then I really thought about what she said. She thinks I’M BEAUTIFUL, she thinks I’m MORE beautiful than her.” And at the same time, I’m sitting here thinking “I hope I look like you at 50.”

We all look at a magazine, or at a TV show and wish we could look like that model or that actress. We spend so much time appreciating others beauty, we often forget to appreciate ourselves for the strong, beautiful, capable women that we are. If we really step back and think about it, how amazing would this world be if we all looked the same or had the same personalities? I’ll answer that for you, extremely boring.

Aesthetically, we struggle with getting older, our body changing, our wrinkles becoming more prominent, and gravity taking hold of parts we didn’t even know existed. But mentally we need to learn to appreciate all these things. The fact that with saggy skin, cellulite or sun spots, comes experiences, and confidence. As we continue to live our lives, those small problems seem to slowly disappear. We will eventually learn to look at the sun spots and say, “I’ve lived your life in the sun, I’ve raised a child, I’ve traveled, I’ve swum in the ocean.” Those sun spots slowly become an analogy for “I lived my life!”



Each one of us should take a step back today and say, “I am beautiful.” Don’t forget to be YOU and be your own kind of Beautiful.