Palm Beach Photographer | Relocating! {be on the street team}

I have mixed feelings about this post.  Everyone knows I love Florida, I love visiting my friends and family and of course I love photographing new people in different locations.  But, a large portion of me also loves the upstate.  I enjoy working as a paramedic and having my photography business.  My job gives me the opportunities and time I need to be able to run my business and maintain my employment.  I love the locations I've found in the upstate to photograph at, and I LOVE my clients and friends who have made my hobby into a small business that I adore.

I am moving back to Palm Beach!  I think my style of photography fits in much better down there and I can't wait to see how business goes once I'm back!!

As of July 10th I will be available to photograph in Palm Beach County and its surrounding areas on a regular basis.  I will continue to offer photographic services to the Upstate and weddings will not incur a travel fee.  I have two weddings in SC in September, so I will be in the area from September 2-12 and will be available for sessions during the week!

I'm going to put my heart and sole into making this business a full time career, so I need your help.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.  I need enthusiastic and personable individuals to be on my street team. What's a street team?  What do you get out of it? Well, first you apply for the position.  You will receive a discounted session fee and you will PLASTER your images all over your Facebook, blog, twitter, livejournal(does anyone still use that?), flickr, and any other social media you use and you will INSIST your friends and family get their images done by Mirrored Images.  For each booked session you will get points, if you get enough points you will earn FREEEEEEEE prints from your session (you know, the one you plastered all over the internet).  If I book a wedding that you've referred to me you'll get even cooler things like canvas wraps, a DVD of images, or even a custom made album!  If your interested in applying please email the following information to

Your Name:



Social Media you use:

# of friends on your Facebook:

Forums/Blogs you participate in:

Do you have kids?:

Current job:

Brief description of why you would be an awesome addition to the street team:

Don't let the questions above scare you, everyone has the ability to spread the word about Mirrored Images... it just depends on how bad you want your free products!

This is a scary move, but I have a wonderful support system and I'm looking forward to meeting and photographing all the beautiful people that Palm Beach has to offer!

Greenville Wedding Photographer | Amie + Lukas {Engaged} !

The sun was out all day, it was beyond hot out and not a cloud in the sky.  On the way down Wade Hampton to tonights session the lighting started and the bottom of the sky fell out.  I was pretty nervous that the session would have to be rescheduled, but thankfully for us the rain stopped just as Amie and Lukas showed up at Paris Mountain State Park for their e-session.

The pair met through mutual friends while studying at a library.  Amie invited Lukas to her sorority's semi-formal because he was "safe" but soon after realized she actually liked him and he liked her!  So much for nice guys finishing last ;) .  He pulled off a surprise proposal that he's quite proud of because Amie always tries to figure out surprises!

Amie and Lukas are getting married at Twigs in Greenville on 9.3.11.  This will be my second wedding at Twigs, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they set up for a fall wedding because my first was in December and it was FREEZING!  Nonetheless, the decor was beautiful.

Congrats to you both and I look forward to your wedding!

Greenville Newborn Photographer | Lil' Gracie {4 days new}

What a day!  Miss Gracie definitely had us running on her schedule today.  After a while she gave in to the paparazzi and fell asleep.  Gracie was born on Memorial Day at 5:15 pm lbs 1 oz.  She sure gave her momma a hard time in the days leading up to her arrival, but she's absolutely perfect and as precious as they come.

I purchased these adorable hats from an awesome lady on Etsy.  She overnighted them to me so we'd have them in time for the session today.  Here's a link to her store!

Greenville Maternity Photography | Waiting on baby {Jess + Roger}

I just love this family.  Jessica has been an amazing friend to me over the last few years and I've had the pleasure of photographing their growing family through different stages in their lives.  Baby Gracie is ready to make her arrival and will add to the estrogen over load that poor Roger is having to deal with.... LOL!  Jess, Mykaylee, Annie, and Gracie will rule the house ;)

Jess is on bed rest due to blood pressure complications, so we took it easy for this session.  We were lucky enough to stay close to their home and shot this session next door on their neighbors land.  The goats tried to get their 15 minutes of fame, but I photoshopped them out haha.

<3 <3

Greenville Maternity Photographer | Waiting on baby {Jami + Terry}

Terry purchased a gift certificate for Jami's birthday back in February and she was chomping at the bit to be able to use it!  Because I wasn't photographing in March or April we had to wait until May, but the pictures turned out awesome even though we were pushing the envelope on time!  32 weeks pregnant, can you believe it?!  What a beautiful pregnant momma!

Terry's family has land in Inman that we decided to use for the session.  Aside from the 70% humidity, the 40% chance of rain, and the vicious mosquitoes that were attacking me it was the perfect location!  It had a walking path that was covered by bright green tree's, a beautiful pond, and tall grass (which is quickly becoming one of my "must haves" for location scouting).  Across the street there was a train track, and I couldn't resist laying her down on the tracks.  Controversy?  Yes!  But that's what makes the picture's so much different than the rest!

Terry, Jami, Kenzie (and Thailon): thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.  I hope you have an easy delivery and I can't wait to meet that baby boy!

(PS, hair and make up was done by the wonderful Katie Cotton)

Greenville Photographer | Wedding Festivals 2011

Today I took part in my first wedding show.  After everything was set up and I stepped back to look at my display it felt perfect.  It was exactly what I envisioned.  My 8 ft tall prints caught the eye of the brides who appreciate my style of shooting.  I met some beautiful ladies who are working very hard at planning their weddings.  Wedding Festivals makes their planning SO much easier!  I believe there were 219 vendors at todays show.  Colleen Wheeler did a fantastic job with the "Wonderland" theme, I loved it!  Its whimsical style went perfectly with my style of shooting.   Congrats to the bride-to-be Erica for winning our door prize!

A few thank you's and shout outs:

Aaron's of Greer - Thank you for the beautiful furniture you leased to me for the day. (Everything but the zebra chairs... I'm in LOVE with those so I had to buy them!)

Fast Signs Greenville - Talk about last minute!  I called on Wednesday and the sign was ready for pick up on Thursday!

All my SUPER friends who endured the pouring rain and hectic set up and tear down.  I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life that support me and my business!

Last but not least thank you to all the brides and guests who stopped at my booth to chat with us about their wedding!

For those who weren't able to make it out to the show today here is what you missed!

Greenville Boudoir Photographer | Valentines Day Sneak Peaks {Part 3}

Wow, what a marathon!  10 girls in three days and two states!  Six new ladies that were a pleasure to meet and work with and four return clients!  What more could I possibly ask for??  The transformation of each woman makes this session so incredibly special and unique.  There will be some very lucky and happy men come February 14th!

Yesterday was the last of the Valentines Day marathon's for 2011 but don't be discouraged.  If you'd like to book a private boudoir session you can hit the 'contact' button above or email

I had five wonderful ladies take part in todays sessions.  Hair and make up was done by Katie Cotton and in a matter of five hours we were able to do full hair & make up and a session for five ladies.  It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed working with so many fun and beautiful women.

And now for the Sneak peaks.... {thank you to the three women who gave me free range to post any image of theirs I wanted!  It helps other women who are 'photographer' shopping!}

Greenville Photographer | Products!

I'm using a new company for my albums and boxes and I am SO impressed with the product and their customer service.  Their attention to detail is outstanding and makes it worth every penny.  As before, these products are custom made by me!  I will have more images of different albums and products coming soon...

A custom 5x7 box designed for a boudoir session:

Mini-album (6x6):

20x20 & 20x24 canvas wraps on display at Wedding Festivals

9x9 and 12x12 wedding albums on display at Wedding Festivals

Greenville Photographer | Holiday Gift Certificate Special!

I'm in a special giving mood.  Between my amazing Valentines Day Special and the great deal I am about to announce there's no reason why you don't have updated photo's of you and your family!

Gift certificates are available year round.  Photographs are a timeless gift that are passed down for generations.  What better way to say "I love you" to someone special in your life than to give them a gift certificate for professional photographs.  This year I am offering 5  $300 gift certificates at the discounted rate of $250.  Thats a $50 savings! These certificates can be used for any session, other than wedding day photography.  The $300 will cover the session with some $$ left to go toward products.  I will also offer 2 $200 gift certificate for $165.  This will cover the cost of the session with no $$ left over for products.

Oh!  How about buying this gift certificate for your special lady so she can take part in the discounted Valentines Day special!

Women love to feel beautiful and love to know that YOU feel  they are beautiful.  Giving your special lady this gift certificate says "I want pictures of you plastered all over my house" and who doesn't want to feel adored?

Do you have a friend or family member that is expecting?  Think outside of the box and give them the gift of a lifetime of memories!

Do you know someone who wasn't able to afford professional photography on  their wedding day?  They can use this to book a Day After Session and relive the moments the way they were meant to be remembered!

Grandparents give this gift to your children so you can get updated pictures of your grandbabies!

See, there are just so many ways this gift certificate can be used.

Greenville Boudoir Photographer | (Mystery)Lady In Black {Sneak Peak}

Anyone that knows me knows I am extremely eager to post all my images to my site and Facebook right away!  I love for my clients and their friends & families to see them asap.  In general, Boudoir rarely gets posted on my site because it is an intimate session and majority of my clients like for their images to stay private.  But when I get a client who doesn't mind the images being posted AND I have to wait to post them... oh man, that kills me!

The following lady is giving this special gift to her husband for Christmas (lucky man!) but with the use of creative lighting I was able to disguise her slightly and came out with this awesome speak peak.  Because this is a gift, the rest of her images will be kept private so he gets to see them first!  More to come after Christmas!