I have mixed feelings about this post.  Everyone knows I love Florida, I love visiting my friends and family and of course I love photographing new people in different locations.  But, a large portion of me also loves the upstate.  I enjoy working as a paramedic and having my photography business.  My job gives me the opportunities and time I need to be able to run my business and maintain my employment.  I love the locations I’ve found in the upstate to photograph at, and I LOVE my clients and friends who have made my hobby into a small business that I adore.

I am moving back to Palm Beach!  I think my style of photography fits in much better down there and I can’t wait to see how business goes once I’m back!!

As of July 10th I will be available to photograph in Palm Beach County and its surrounding areas on a regular basis.  I will continue to offer photographic services to the Upstate and weddings will not incur a travel fee.  I have two weddings in SC in September, so I will be in the area from September 2-12 and will be available for sessions during the week!

I’m going to put my heart and sole into making this business a full time career, so I need your help.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.  I need enthusiastic and personable individuals to be on my street team. What’s a street team?  What do you get out of it? Well, first you apply for the position.  You will receive a discounted session fee and you will PLASTER your images all over your Facebook, blog, twitter, livejournal(does anyone still use that?), flickr, and any other social media you use and you will INSIST your friends and family get their images done by Mirrored Images.  For each booked session you will get points, if you get enough points you will earn FREEEEEEEE prints from your session (you know, the one you plastered all over the internet).  If I book a wedding that you’ve referred to me you’ll get even cooler things like canvas wraps, a DVD of images, or even a custom made album!  If your interested in applying please email the following information to shootme@mirroredimages.net

Your Name:



Social Media you use:

# of friends on your Facebook:

Forums/Blogs you participate in:

Do you have kids?:

Current job:

Brief description of why you would be an awesome addition to the street team:

Don’t let the questions above scare you, everyone has the ability to spread the word about Mirrored Images… it just depends on how bad you want your free products!

This is a scary move, but I have a wonderful support system and I’m looking forward to meeting and photographing all the beautiful people that Palm Beach has to offer!