Country Side Ride...

I have been eye balling a certain sunflower patch for over a year. Two years ago I was told there was a beautiful, full and bloomed patch but I could not find it anywhere. The following year I found it, but was about a week too late and they were all dead. But this year, I had my buddies that lived around there keep an eye on it and today I made the drive to photograph it. It's such a beautiful drive that I should take more often. Relaxing and scenic the whole way.

When I got there I found another photographer named Bill. He's from the west coast and is visiting friends here. The stalks were so high that I discovered a new found love for my jeep. I set up the tri pod on top of my jeep and shot away! Who would have thought it? I did some HDR and some single exposure. I hope you enjoy them and remember prints and gallery wraps are available in all sizes!

Biltmore Images

In a desperate attempt to make my trip to the Biltmore worth the drive... I took these images and turned them into HDR.  My son and I were very upset to find out that the Biltmore house is not decorated outside, at all.  I guess we'll have to make a trip to McAdenville if we want to see Christmas lights!

Anyways, here are three HDR images I came up with.  I haven't perfected the skill just yet, but I am working on it!


Let me know what you think!

Christmas at the Biltmore

Monday (Dec 21) I will be at the Biltmore House with the sole purpose of photographing their amazing Christmas light display.  I will post images on the blog but also on the web site under 'clients' password 'christmas' for those who are interested in purchasing prints.

Another item I will try to tackle while at the Biltmore is HDR.  I have yet to be successful at it, but I am determined that before the lights come on and the sun goes down... me and HDR will go head to head and I will win :) For those who are not familiar with HDR it is an amazing technique that turns digital images into what looks like an air brushed painting.  Google it, you'll be impressed.

John from John Garren Photography will be coming along for the journey, any other enthusiasts are welcome to come as well.