I don’t know about you but when I feel good about myself, everyone knows it! I’m all about being naked, romping around my house and being extra sexy for my man. It’s the same scenario for when I DON’T feel sexy. my sex life is much more dismal, I don’t want to show anyone my body (even my man, who loved me no matter what) because i’m too worried about what’s jiggling around and the angles, oh man the angles. Have you ever tried to find an angle you look good at when you don’t feel good about yourself? Feeling confident and beautiful about the way you look is an intricate part of our self-esteem and our sex life.

It’s so incredibly easy to not feel good about the way we look sometimes. We notice the little things on our own bodies that someone else may not pick out. We don’t give ourselves enough credit when we lose weight, because the scale isn’t to our liking and we’re constantly looking for ways to change those imperfections. A big part of the “why” is the society we’re living in. Just recently have more plus sized models been accepted into the fashion world. If I think back 10 years, I cant remember a campaign with a plus size model, let alone a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition COVER! (Thanks Ashley Graham!) Society has set a standard and until recently, for some of us, that standard was out of reach.

I’m not in any way saying that we should all let ourselves go and eat McDonald’s everyday but I am suggesting that we should be happy and confident in the body that we have, and OWN IT! Don’t let anyone else make a decision for you about what beautiful is or compare you to today’s beauty standards. Stop trying to be like anybody else and embrace YOU!

I read a blog from Evolved World about this topic and I loved her suggestions on how you can feel more confident naked!

1.)    Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

2.)    Seven-to-one Rule

3.)    Stop The Negativity

4.)    Spend More Time Naked

5.)    Fake It Until You Make It


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“Ultimately if you don’t feel you are beautiful and confident, no one else will see you as beautiful and confident. So get naked and be the beautiful you that you are!”

— xoxo