Yes!  I’m alive.  I can’t believe I went this long without blogging!  I haven’t been shooting much because of the heat.  Even at 7pm it’s hot enough to cook an egg outside, so instead of spending my days off shooting pictures I’ve been spending my days off working.  Yep.  Working, LOADS of over time.

But today I picked up the camera and shot a few of our new furry friend, Brody!  My son has been asking for another dog and I told him the next time we got a dog he could  choose what kind and of course he wanted a “police dog.”  I am a huge advocate of rescues and shelters and I wanted to show Gavin he could get a wonderful dog from a rescue so I found a local rescue group called New Beginnings Rescue and we were approved!  Yesterday was the big day so we drove to Pelzer and picked up the new lad!  He’s beautiful and is a great pup.   I wanted to give him time to settle in before whipping out the camera, but today it was on!  Here are a few :o)

I’ll be taking more action type shots as the days go on.  Breakin’ him in easy!