After 6 months of advertising with I have made the decision to cancel my account.  The weddings that I have booked have not been from The Knot and while I think the concept behind the web site is fantastic, I just don’t feel that right now it is a place I should advertise.  Word of mouth and other free advertising opportunities have sent more business my way.  However, for those who have contacted us already I will continue to offer the 15% discount for being a knot member. 


Studio News | Mirrored Images Boudoir

OMG - this news is pretty much my favorite studio news!  First, I feel like we've been giving a…

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Now a member of

Mirrored Images Seeking Photographers? Mirrored Images is the leading choice. Visit…

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Boudoir Special

As promised here is the latest promotion Mirrored Images is offering.   

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