Women Wednesday: Power

Hi Ladies!

I can't believe its already Wednesday, I feel like it was JUST Wednesday (of last week). It's certainly crazy how time flies. Anyway for today's Women Wednesday post I want to talk about something we all know and love: POWER. Unfortunately as much joy having power gives a single person, we don't always utilize it to our best ability. And dare I say, I believe there are some out there that don't believe they DESERVE the power.

Well, first of all, you're totally wrong, you and I deserve all the power just like the next he or she in line. Secondly, why? Why do you feel like you don't deserve it? Is it because there is a man in your life (personally or work related) that you think deserves it more? Is it because you don't think you're good enough to have all the power? Maybe it't because you're afraid of what will happen when you get the power. Well, I am here right now to tell you to throw all of that garbage in the trash because YOU ARE ENOUGH. There are so many different components of being powerful, and I bet you're already more powerful than you thought!

Did you know there are multiple types of power?

First you have formal power. This consists of coercive, reward and legitimate power.

  • Coercive is basically when someone is utilizing their power in a threatening way (mostly in the workplace). Have you ever had a boss that told you if you don't do X you will be replaced? That's coercive power.
  • Reward is exactly what it sounds like "If you meet your goals this month you will be given a raise."
  • Legitimate power comes when someone has an actual position of power within an organization. These people are legitimately in charge.

Secondly, you have personal power which consists of expert and referent.

  • Expert exists when an individual has experience, skills or knowledge. The more you know about a specific subject or matter, the more powerful you becoming when engaging with others about that subject!
  • Referent comes with being trusted and respected. Think about that, simply being a trusted and respected human being brings power into your life.

Power can be implemented in so many forms and so many aspects of life. Work, relationships, family, personal, and the list goes on! If you're ever having a down day and just need to feel a little more powerful, think of these 5 different forms of power. And really think about how you can implement one of these into your every day lives. Maybe that't simply reading up on a subject that you're really passionate about and sharing that information with family and friends. And if none of these make sense in your life... make your own kind of powerful!