Women Wednesday: Power

Hi Ladies!

I can't believe its already Wednesday, I feel like it was JUST Wednesday (of last week). It's certainly crazy how time flies. Anyway for today's Women Wednesday post I want to talk about something we all know and love: POWER. Unfortunately as much joy having power gives a single person, we don't always utilize it to our best ability. And dare I say, I believe there are some out there that don't believe they DESERVE the power.

Well, first of all, you're totally wrong, you and I deserve all the power just like the next he or she in line. Secondly, why? Why do you feel like you don't deserve it? Is it because there is a man in your life (personally or work related) that you think deserves it more? Is it because you don't think you're good enough to have all the power? Maybe it't because you're afraid of what will happen when you get the power. Well, I am here right now to tell you to throw all of that garbage in the trash because YOU ARE ENOUGH. There are so many different components of being powerful, and I bet you're already more powerful than you thought!

Did you know there are multiple types of power?

First you have formal power. This consists of coercive, reward and legitimate power.

  • Coercive is basically when someone is utilizing their power in a threatening way (mostly in the workplace). Have you ever had a boss that told you if you don't do X you will be replaced? That's coercive power.
  • Reward is exactly what it sounds like "If you meet your goals this month you will be given a raise."
  • Legitimate power comes when someone has an actual position of power within an organization. These people are legitimately in charge.

Secondly, you have personal power which consists of expert and referent.

  • Expert exists when an individual has experience, skills or knowledge. The more you know about a specific subject or matter, the more powerful you becoming when engaging with others about that subject!
  • Referent comes with being trusted and respected. Think about that, simply being a trusted and respected human being brings power into your life.

Power can be implemented in so many forms and so many aspects of life. Work, relationships, family, personal, and the list goes on! If you're ever having a down day and just need to feel a little more powerful, think of these 5 different forms of power. And really think about how you can implement one of these into your every day lives. Maybe that't simply reading up on a subject that you're really passionate about and sharing that information with family and friends. And if none of these make sense in your life... make your own kind of powerful!


Sexy Saturday: Benefits to Having an Orgasm

Hi Ladies!

So I don't think that I need to convince any of you to bump up your sex drive. It's natural to most of us to feel the urge every now and then (or every day, no judgement here.) And why not? It fun. and not to mention, it feels pretty amazing. But I'm here to give you an even better reason to get busy more often than not: having an orgasm will help to improve your health. Yes, you read that correctly.

When you have an orgasm your brain releases oxytocin, aka the pleasure hormone. In addition, up to 30 different parts of the brain are activated, including those responsible for emotion, touch, joy, satisfaction and memory.

I have listed 11 ways (that I found on Huffington Post) having an orgasm can make your life that much better!

  1. Orgasms relieve stress
  2. An orgasm could make your significant other less likely to cheat
  3. The female orgasm could make men focus better
  4. Orgasms could help with insomnia
  5. A man’s orgasm could (maybe) make a woman less depressed
  6. Orgasms help alleviate pain
  7. They could help men get over their colds faster
  8. Steady orgasms could help you live longer
  9. Orgasms will also stimulate your brain
  10. Orgasms could keep you looking young
  11. They just get better as you age

So basically, if you're stressed, can't sleep, sick or just want to stay looking young forever.... have an orgasm!

xoxo Meghan

Palm Beach Photographer | Thanks for Giving... Give away....

So much has happened both in my personal and career life over the last year.  I'm extremely grateful to all the amazing friends, family, and clients who have seen me through.  Photography has helped to keep my mind off of more pressing issues in my life.  It's something I could do all day every day and never get sick of it.  It's such an honor to be a part of your life, photograph your memories, and watch your families grow.  The biggest compliment you can give me is to refer a friend to me and I'm about 80% word of mouth.  So for that, I thank you.

The month of November serves as two events.  First, it's Thanksgiving (of course!) and second, it's the birthday month of Mirrored Images.  This year I will be giving away a session to one lucky individual.  Send me your story, your triumph, and your blessings and I will read it and choose one lucky person to give a session to.  Nothing is off limits here.  Wedding, newborn, high school senior, boudoir, maternity, etc.  You tell me in your submission what you're interested in and if you win, it's yours.

All entries must be received by November 16th at midnight.  Please email your story to shootme@mirroredimages.net and include your name, age, location (must be willing to travel to Palm Beach County), session interested in, and the best contact number.  Your story will not be shared publicly so please don't hold back.  Tell me why you deserve this, tell me what you're grateful for, and tell me what obstacles you've overcome in your life.

Greenville Wedding Photographer | Erin + Charlie {Engaged} !

Erin and Charlie are having a beautiful destination wedding in Myrtle Beach on 9-10-11 ( Get it? )  Today we set out to photograph their engagement.  I remember emailing Erin asking if she wanted to book their session soon so we could avoid the summer heat, well today was the hottest day of the year.... coincidence that it was the day after the "rapture."  Lucky for the three of us, this location had plenty of shade, all we needed was a breeze and we'd be set!

You both were fun to work with and I can't wait to photograph your wedding!  (Smile Charlie!!)

Greenville Wedding Photographer | Winter Wedding in Asheville

I shot along with Sarah Rominger Photography for a winter wedding in Asheville, back in January.  Kinsey & Eli had their wedding indoors in downtown Asheville on a very windy day.  They were brave enough to endure the crazy winds, which ended up with some fantastic photo's from Sarah.  Here are a few of my favorites that I shot.  Are you wondering why I'm just now posting these?  The couple got their images months ago, but I just haven't had the chance to edit them for the web site and post them!  So here they are....

Greenville Wedding Photographer | Free Photo Booths!!

I've been hesitant in the past to set up photo booths at wedding receptions because I didn't want it to take away from the couple.  Recently I have had several brides ask if I offered it so when I had the opportunity to test it out and work out all the kinks at the LBD party, I took it.  The photo booth was a ton of fun for both my staff and the guests.  And kinks?  There weren't any kinks!  I used a simple set up that will occupy a small corner in the reception area and it will give your guests the chance to make some fun photos!  Most reception type photos are of guests eating or dancing, but this gives them a chance to goof off and show their personality in front of the camera with my fun props. :)

I am now including the photo booth with ALL my wedding collections, as a special add-on for you and your guests.  Most photographers charge $400-$1000 for this same add-on.  On site printing is available so your guests can bring the memories from the evening home with them!

Anne + Jeremy:: Married! {The Garden House}

OH my!  Have you ever been to a wedding reception where the mom was dressed like a drag queen(on purpose) and dad did somersaults???  I HAVE!

I've been looking forward to this wedding all year and it was worth the wait.  Many thanks to Christy Miller for being my second shooter!  I'm glad you were up for this interesting wedding!

Anne and Jeremy started their adventure in a fairy tale at their ceremony which took place at The Garden House B&B in Simpsonville SC.  Everything was perfect.  They said their vows back and forth to each other, like a private conversation and no one else was there.  The love they have for each other could never be mistaken.  As their friends say, they were meant for each other and they can only hope to have a love like theirs one day.

Once the clock struck 6:00 the guests turned into animals, clowns, hippies and gangsters.  The fairy tale wedding became a Halloween party with some pretty awesome costumes.  Anne and Jeremys first dance was similar to moshing - I'm surprised I got a picture of them!  They were all over the dance floor!  Then it was dad's turn...  He did THREE somersaults during the father daughter dance.... not ONE... not TWO... but THREE!  I won't post that picture on here ;)

The event was catered by Elegant Gourmet Cafe & Catering and it was delicious!

When I tell you this wedding was like no other, I mean it.  But one thing it did have was a lot of love.  The love between Anne & Jeremy, the love of the family and the love of their friends.

Congratulations to you both and your families.  You two are fantasic!  Enjoy your honeymoon!

Drue + Jeremy:: Married! {The Farm, Asheville NC}

I second shot for Sarah Rominger Photography over the weekend at a beautiful wedding in Asheville, NC.  The venue is The Farm Party Barn and while the name is goofy the place is beautiful!  I am so in love with this venue that I may just have to find someone to marry me so I can have my wedding there! (Kidding!)

The ceremony took place in front of a gazebo on the property and just before their first kiss as Mr & Mrs, the couple released butterfly's.  How cool is that!?  The wedding party was a lot of fun and the boys from Princeton definitely "got down" on the dance floor.

All in all, it was a great time and a wonderful wedding.  I wish you both health, happiness and love for all the years that follow.  May this chapter in your "book of life" be the happiest yet!

{Here are my sneak peaks, for more images stay tuned to www.sarahromingerphotography.com }

Asheville Wedding Photographer based out of Greenville SC.

Stephanie + Chris {The Marshall House, Savannah GA}

What do you get when you mix a Yankee Marine with a Southern Belle?  Love; of course!

Stephanie and Chris had a beautiful wedding ceremony in Oglethorpe Square downtown Savannah, GA.  With historic buildings and stories dating back to the 1730's this was the perfect location to enter into their own life time of memories, love and commitment.  Their reception was just a block away at the Marshall House (featured on the Travel Channels "Haunted Hotels.")  It recently underwent a major renovation and is absolutely beautiful.

During the reception the guests watched as the cake topper strategically fell from the top of the cake, hitting each layer and landing on a cup cake.  Ghost?  Who knows!

Unlike most clients I got to know this family on a more personal level.  Stephanie is John's sister in law and his wife, Jenn, was the Maid of Honor.  We attended the rehersal dinner then stayed with Jenn's Aunt who showed me what true southern hospitality was.  The food was amazing, the family was fun and inviting and the wedding will be one I always remember.  John and I took OODLES of pictures, which can be seen below and on Mirrored Images face book fan page.  I can't wait to see what John's pictures look like!

This was my first visit to Savannah and I'm ready to plan my next "non business" trip!

Trash it, Love it, Savor it

Take part in our Trash the Dress / Day After Session and you won't regret it.  Take baby steps or take it to the extreme, you choose the level of trashing you feel comfortable with and we'll come up with a creative, sexy, love inspired session that you are guaranteed to fall in love with.

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