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So here we are.  Only 12 days until what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year.  I've had ah-may-zing clients this Valentines Day season and still have several to go.  These ladies had their men in mind for these photos.

What's better than getting all dolled up, rolling around in the sheets, feeling sexy, confident, and beautiful?  I'll tell ya.... it's taking that experience and wrapping it up in a pretty box with a bow and handing it over to the hunny.  Just wait.... wait for it..... there it is.... his absolute astonishment when he see's what you did for him.  Yep, that's the best gift ever.  I guarantee he'll never forget it and neither will you.

Of the ladies I've photographed this season, a few have given me permission to share their beautiful images and show other ladies that it doesn't take a Victories Secret model to pull this off.  Big thanks to Jennifer (Beauty by Jennifer Cruz) who set these ladies up with everything they needed to look and feel great.

Here's three ladies for now.... maybe I'll share more later ;)

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Valentines Day Boudoir Mini's | Palm Beach Boudoir Photographer

I've been so busy, I haven't had the chance to post my Valentines Day Boudoir special.  I may be a little late in the game, but for those who are right there with me... check it out.  Make this Valentines Day unique, treat yourself to being pampered and feeling like a model for a day.  When you hand over his gift you'll make his jaw drop.


EDIT:  Jan 21st is BOOKED.  I am extending this special to Jan 22nd.  Please contact me if you'd like to sign up, deadline to book January 20th.

West Palm Boudoir Photographer | Valentines Day Sneak Peaks {part two}

Again with the short and sweet blogs.  I promise to be more entertaining and witty once I have some sleep.

I photographed these beautiful ladies on Sunday for the WPB Valentines Day Special.  It's amazing what the finished product will do for a gals self esteem.  They turned this shoot out and made modeling look like a walk in the park.  I gave them both very little direction and only as needed.

My beautiful friend Michelle (the pierced goddess ;) ) was kind enough to host me during my visit to Florida and I thank you for your hospitality!

(I have one last date scheduled for a multi client booking(aka discount) - Jan 30th in Greenville, SC. Click here for the info.  If you are interested in booking a boudoir session and can't attend this date please email me for rates, I am available to shoot in Palm Beach Florida in March {dates TBD}.)

Here's a few to get your mouths watering....