Greenville Boudoir Photographer | Miss Michelle!

Hot, hot, hot!  Michelle is pretty amazing if I must say so myself.  She's absolutely beautiful, she's extremely intelligent and best of all she's an amazing friend.  She flew up to SC to help me recover from my surgery and once I was feeling up to it, I helped her out with a unique Christmas gift for her husband... a boudoir session!  She was fantastic in front of the camera and definitely made my job easy.

Michelle gave the present to her hubby last night and I got this message from her, "Doug got his present.  He said it's the best he's ever gotten!  Thank you, and he says thank you too!  He said maybe you can make him look good in pictures too! LOL"  Of course Doug!  He must have been bashful when he said that because Doug's a personal trainer, no flaws at all.

Here's a few from the session, of course there are some for his eyes only.  Sorry!

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