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I'm sure you've heard of "Another day, another dollar."  In my case, it's "Another year, another logo."  I've changed my logo... five times, I think.  I honestly can't remember.  This whole self discovery, be who you are, brand who you be thing has taken me on a never ending journey of finding what I love.  What sessions do I enjoy the most, what does the public perceive as my best work, does my logo appeal to who I am trying to market to, does my overall brand speak highly of myself and what I have to offer.... the questions go on and on and on...

My best work is also what I enjoy the most.  I love making women feel empowered and I've found that three sessions in particular do just that.  Boudoir, maternity, and newborn. Funny mix, I know, I've been told a time or two.  But for me it all makes sense.

  • Boudoir showcases your power, beauty, vulnerability, lust, love, sex appeal, emotions, and desires... it's intoxicating.
  • Many people refer to pregnant women as the most beautiful.  To carry a piece of yourself and the person you love, the anticipation, the excitement of picking out names, bedding, clothes, and strollers.  Most of all, knowing you love that baby with all of your being and you haven't even met yet.  That's empowering.
  • Here's where people get lost.  How does newborn fit in to making women feel empowered?  Well, after I rock your new additions first photo shoot and you show off the pictures to your friends, family, co-workers, strangers at the super market.... they'll all tell you how beautiful your baby is and how you did a wonderful job.  You'll brag about your newbie and never feel bad about it!

This is what I love, this is who I am.  These are the sessions I get giddy over.  Of course, I love other sessions and weddings as well but these three are my main market.

There's actually a discussion in a photography group I am part of about this very subject.  Should we as photographers separate our specialities so we don't offend anyone?  Will the boudoir photographs I have in my gallery offend the soon to be mom that is viewing my work for her maternity and newborn sessions?  Will the newborn photographs turn off the bride that wants me to document her most important day of her life?  Personally, I don't think it will.  We (photographers) each have an ideal client that we want to work with and I've been extremely lucky to have had so many wonderful clients.  As a client you need to love my work because I am my work and if you don't love it, you won't love me.  I've used this analogy in the past; Your photographer is like a weddings dress.  Your dress needs to be a perfect fit and you need to fall in love with it, because if you don't you won't shine.  If you don't love your photographer, you won't shine either.

I stumbled on my designer through another friend photographer that she did some work for.  Rachel from Beyond Bliss Design has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  She's creative, fast, determined, and hard working.  I'm a very indecisive person, she's had to deal with that for not only the logo design but the blog redesign.  I love it.  I really, truly do Rachel.  She took my crazy combination of specialties and showcased them with a design that would appeal to all AND was able to add in the vintage, organic, clean look that I love.  Thank you for listening to me :)  I've had a lot of compliments and I hope I can send some fellow photog's your way!  While you're here take a look around and leave your  thoughts in the comments section.  I'd love to hear it!

Lets wrap this grammy award speech up.  My self discovery journey isn't over yet but this is who I strive to be.  I want to be the photographer that makes women feel and look beautiful.  I'm not a female rights activist by any means, but I do believe in the empowerment of being a woman.  We're kind of a big deal is this world.

A few other changes worth mentioning:  I've changed my client proofing software.  I had a few complaints about the flash site not loading, so I found something better and easier for orders.  Those that had galleries on the flash site, they're still there.  I've moved two to the new site, so check your email!  Also, I've updated my post-session preview appointments and I have something fabulous in store for you.  Ever wonder what your photographs would look like on your wall before you bought them?  I can make it happen :)

I'm looking for a local non-profit to do some volunteer shoots for.  Some of my long time fans know I attempted to start "Portraits for Heros" while living in South Carolina but the economy was at its worst and I didn't have the support I needed.  I'd love to get involved, so please pass my information along if an event, tribute, or family in need needs some pick-chas.  I've been involved in Shriners Hospital (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star through USA Dance), Breast Cancer (Images for a Cure), Light the Night (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society), and Wounded Warriors.

Good night!


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

I received an email from Shriners PR department requesting I participate in their silent auction on an upcoming event called "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and of course I jumped at the opportunity!  I don't think they realized how much I love charties because when I offered to photograph it as well, they thought I wanted compensation! 

USA Dance is sponsoring this event for Shriners Hospital to raise money.  I have donated two portrait sessions and I will be providing all images to both Shriners and USA dance to be used however they choose.

From Greenville Online:

Upstate SC USA Dance #6078 presents: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars"

Dancing to help kids defy the odds

April 10, 2010

 7 p.m. - 12 a.m.

 Greenville Shrine Club

119 Beverly Rd

Greenville, SC 29609

Tickets $50 per person

Silent Auction, Door Prizes, Heavy Hors D'oeuvres, Special dance exhibitions.  Fun for dancers and non-dancers alike!  All proceeds benefit Greenville Shriners Hospital and DSS Foster children visit our web site for safe online tickets or donation

or mail checks to

 P.O. Box 9655, Greenville, SC 29604

call (864)382-1611 for more info

Want to participate and help with silent auction items, food or decorations?

 Call Penny at (864)283-4801