West Palm Beach Photographer | Summer Lovin'

You show me love, I'll show you love. Sounds like a match made in heaven, huh? After a bit of down time, some mid day naps, and all nighter dates with me and handsome movie stars (okay... so I was watching movies, but I can dream right?) I decided I am going to dive head first into photography this summer. I'm enrolling in Fall classes and photography is going to be my lil love affair on the side until I reach my goal of being a Physician Assistant (5-6 years from now....)

Okay so here's the deal. You want free stuff? Well, I want to give you free stuff. There's no signing up, no contest, no rules. You talk to your friends who are going through moments that need memories (pictures) and you get a free session for yourself or to give to a loved one. It doesn't matter if it's a wedding, maternity, newborn, boudoir, engagement, trash the dress, singles profiles online, or whatever else you can come up with. If you think someone is in (or should be in) the market for a photographer you pass my info along and after the completion of their session you get one too! ANNNNND if that's not good enough, the friend you refer will get $75 off their session + a complimentary 10x13 print! Wooooooooo that's good stuff. You should get on face book and twitter and share the news so you can all start collecting on this madness.

Let do this!

Palm Beach Wedding Photographer | Trash The Dress {Mr & Mrs Parker}

Romy and Dallas just celebrated their 6th year wedding anniversary and as a gift for each other, it was picture time!  After 6 years and 2 kids Romy still looks amazing in her wedding dress.  We shot their trash the dress at the beach, where we drew a crowd of on lookers and even a few people who were trying to get IN the picture with them.  We were expecting rain from the south and we could see it down the beach, so we rushed through the session but managed to get some sexy and romantic images of them.

Here's to many more years of your marriage and love!

Trash it, Love it, Savor it

Take part in our Trash the Dress / Day After Session and you won't regret it.  Take baby steps or take it to the extreme, you choose the level of trashing you feel comfortable with and we'll come up with a creative, sexy, love inspired session that you are guaranteed to fall in love with.

Choose your date and place a deposit on it by October 16th and you qualify to receive 50% off your session and 15% off prints, albums, CD's and specialty items!

Lake Lure Wedding Photographer | Love @ Lake Lure

I shot t a beautiful Lake Lure wedding.  You all remember Lake Lure from the moving Dirty Dancing?  It's even more beautiful now.  The wedding took place under a gazeebo right off the lake.  The weather was perfect and the bride was beautiful.  Congrats to Andrea & Justin, I hope your love and devotion for each other grows every day!  Here's a sneak peak:

Trash The Dress… Military Style!

In November 09 I went with a group to the Marine Ball in Charlotte, NC and the idea of a Marine style trash the dress was discussed.  We headed out to Campbells Covered Bridge and shot away... it was 35 degrees outside and unfortunately it cut our trash the dress session short but after a quick outfit change we were ready to go for round two.  Here's a few from the session: