Weekend Overview

Whew!  What a weekend.  When we weren't shooting we were eating, sleeping or editing.  But I have to admit I loved every second of it.  We had zero cancellations and after seeing the images from each session I am so happy for that!

All my sneak peaks are posted on the blog and facebook!  Go on over to Eric's blog and check for his images from the sessions.  Thanks again to Eric for being a trooper; even though he wanted to be in Alaska all weekend we did our job and our clients are very happy.   (The heat was BAD!)

We've received two testimonials back so far, here's what they're saying....

"Amy and I could not be happier with the way the shots came out. Jenn and Eric definitely captured the 'timeless' feeling that we were looking for. Amy and I tend to be pretty photogenic as it is, but shooting with Jenn and Eric really brought our personalities out and it is definitely portrayed in the pictures.  During the shoot Amy and I were made to feel very comfortable and natural. We were definitely given just the right amount of direction to capture that playful nature that both Amy and I have in our daily lives. The end result came out far better than I could have imagined. Amy and I could not be happier with the final result."-- Danny + Amy

"Jenn and Eric met up with Evan and I, behind Island water sports in downtown Lake worth. I loved how well they communicated with Evan, and he had alot of fun posing for the camera. It was brutally hot outside so I was stoked that they got a bunch of shots in less than an hour. What I loved the most is that Jenn didn't hesitate to get down in the dirt to get the shots she wanted. And the best part is every single picture looks amazing. Thanks again!"-- Melinda

A few of my weekend fav's:


Matt + Lisa:: Engaged! {City Place, WPB}

Tonight is the last night we're in Florida, for now.  After rain and thunder all day we were afraid we'd have to cancel Matt and Lisa's e-session.  But, the skies turned blue and we set out to photograph one last couple.  My favorite from the shoot is Matt playing golf while Lisa sun bathes.  That picture says a thousand words, each of them were doing something they loved and we captured it in one shot.  We stayed to play on the golf course for a few extra shots and raced to City Place in West Palm Beach to finish the session off before the we lost the sun.

Sneak peaks:


Danny + Amy:: Engaged! {Atlantic Ave}

Tonight we met with a wonderful couple, Danny & Amy.  They've recently become engaged while on a trip to Orlando, Florida.  They're such a beautiful couple; you can feel the love they have for each other by just being around them.

We started the session on train tracks and after a quick outfit change we headed downtown Delray Beach to Atlantic Ave, one of their favorite places to hang out.  Eric and I could have, and would have, shot Danny & Amy all night if the sun would have stayed up.  There are so many great locations and unique ideas we had to put on hold for now, but we also got a lot of great shots tonight.  (We even took a short break for a few skating shots :) ) Danny and Amy congratulations on your engagement and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.  You compliment each other well and it's nice to see Danny so happy ;)

Now it's time for the sneak peaks!


Update: Wedding Packages

July 1, 2010 I will introduce our new wedding packages.  Any weddings signed prior to that date will have the option to use our current packages.

The packages will continue to include our amazing Dream Albums & Dream Boxes.  These products are just too perfect to give up!  We are also adding a destination package for all you travelers.  I'm 100% positive  this will be a welcomed change and I am looking forward to posting all the details! ( Oh yeah, new packages means new brochures!  Fun, flirty and of course fabulous! )

One more development:  Eric Mack is now my primary second shooter.  His style + my style = harmony and there's no reason to mess with harmony, right?  :) Our work flow and ideas work well together.  In the event that he is already booked I have several wonderful photographers to call upon.

Stay tuned!

A little bit of this … A little bit of that …

My last two trips to Florida were selfish and I didn't do any sessions(But, we're allowed to be selfish sometimes... right?)!  I am planning a trip back down from May 21 to May 25 and I already have two lined up.  I will come fully prepared with lighting equipment for indoor shoots because we all know and love Florida's predictable weather! (Not) .... Book now or wait because this will be the last trip down there for a while. (Three trips in two months?  Seriously? .... I'm so lucky! )

EMP and I are collaborating for some crazy, insane newborn sessions.  My session yesterday inspired me to go after newborns and we've come up with some great ideas, props and prices!  Contact me to find out about the promotion.  We'd like to have newborns under 4 weeks but we're not too picky!

On another note, the charity bachelor & bachelorette auction scheduled for May 20th is lacking support.  We have two participants but we were shooting for 15!  I have talked to several people who have been interested but not registered (you know who you are!) So get on it and help us raise funds for our local heroes and their families!  If this event gets canceled there is a STRONG (very strong) possibility the event itself in September will also be canceled.  That will make it two years in a row that have fallen through due to lack of community support.  Please take a moment to go to the web site and read about the event and spread the word to all your friends and family.  www.portraitsforheroes.com and you can register to be in the auction at : http://portraitsforheroes.com/?page_id=96

And finally, I have to thank everyone for the lovely comments and compliments.  Word of mouth has been my best advertisement and I am so blessed and thankful for my clients, friends and family for helping me get this show on the road! <3 You all!

A Love Like Katie & Jamie

We all grow up watching fairytale love which we later come to believe it only happens in Hollywood.  Well, it's not true.  In the short time that I've worked with Katie & Jamie my belief that fairy tales don't happen has been dismissed.  They are perfect for each other.  Jamie adores Katie and looks after her well being even with the smallest things.  Much love and blessings to you, Mr & Mrs James Leenman.


Katie & Jamie

Clint from C&C and I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Katie for her bridal session a few weeks back; downtown Greenville never looked so good!  She was so much fun and willing to try anything we threw her way.  Here are a few of my fav's from the shoot (you will also see similar images on the C&C site)

IMG_6204 copy

IMG_6202 copy

IMG_6248 copy

IMG_6234 copy

IMG_6417 copy

And today, Clint and I had a boudoir session with Katie & Jamie.  It was boudoir with a twist by having him there and I kind of liked it better!  Due to the intimacy of the session I will only post one photo.  Katie & Jamie are getting married Dec 30th and Clint and I are very excited to shoot their wedding.  Congrats to you both, you're a fantastic couple and perfect for each other!

IMG_7788 copy