Palm Beach Maternity Photographer | Des + Nate {Awaiting Baby}

Des and Nate are expecting their baby girl Kiyha in January. (How awesome/cute is that name?) Dad is a huge fan of nature and being outdoors so of course I had the perfect place in mind. I met Des, Nate and their two fun boys at a garden and we walked around for about an hour until closing time. They had to kick us out, I could have photographed this beautiful momma and her family all night. I can't wait to meet that little girl and play dress up for our newborn session! Congrats to you and your family, Des & Nate.

Palm Beach Newborn Photographer | David {4 days... and 7 days old}

David is my new best friend.  After tonights session I am convinced that he'll always remember me.  Sunday I met the lil stinker and he didn't seem to like me.  But, when we met again tonight I'm 100% convinced we're BFFE's.  Sunday was a major meltdown.  Today, was another story.  Lets just say my laundry load is a large one ;).   I love him anyways and can't wait to watch him grow.  Ally and David you have an adorable lil man with a large personality.  You're doing a wonderful job as new parents!  Enough talk, lets see some pictures!!

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Greenville Maternity Photography | Waiting on baby {Jess + Roger}

I just love this family.  Jessica has been an amazing friend to me over the last few years and I've had the pleasure of photographing their growing family through different stages in their lives.  Baby Gracie is ready to make her arrival and will add to the estrogen over load that poor Roger is having to deal with.... LOL!  Jess, Mykaylee, Annie, and Gracie will rule the house ;)

Jess is on bed rest due to blood pressure complications, so we took it easy for this session.  We were lucky enough to stay close to their home and shot this session next door on their neighbors land.  The goats tried to get their 15 minutes of fame, but I photoshopped them out haha.

<3 <3

Greenville Newborn Photographer | Sweet Baby Ella

I met this adorable little thang a few weeks ago when she was just 1.5 weeks old!  She refused to sleep during the session but cooperated nonetheless!  Babies are like free therapy; they make all your problems disappear and make everything around you happy!  I love babies!  I have baby fever.... I always get baby fever when I photograph a newbie.  It's puppy love!

I've started a new system in regards to displaying sneak peaks and blog posts.  Before I would post them immediately after the session but after a ton of research and testing it out with this session, I've decided to delay the sneak peaks until I've had the opportunity to meet with my clients for their private viewing.  That way they get to see the pictures first, and the amount of excitement and joy in these parents eyes proved that this is a better way to go!

Now for the baby pictures!

Greenville Family Photography | 2010 Holiday Special

Brag about your beautiful family this year.  Book a session with Mirrored Images and use the prints as holiday presents for your family & friends. This discounted package will be available until December 15th.

PS- Grandma LOVES seeing her grand babies!

Cost $200


Session at the location of your choice

(24) 5x7 flat Holiday Greeting Cards with envelopes, custom made.

(2)8x10's, (4) 5x7's, (3)4x6 and (1)sheet of wallets

$50 credit which can be used for additional prints or towards a CD of images

Sample Holiday Card:

Photography made fun!

Weekend Overview

Whew!  What a weekend.  When we weren't shooting we were eating, sleeping or editing.  But I have to admit I loved every second of it.  We had zero cancellations and after seeing the images from each session I am so happy for that!

All my sneak peaks are posted on the blog and facebook!  Go on over to Eric's blog and check for his images from the sessions.  Thanks again to Eric for being a trooper; even though he wanted to be in Alaska all weekend we did our job and our clients are very happy.   (The heat was BAD!)

We've received two testimonials back so far, here's what they're saying....

"Amy and I could not be happier with the way the shots came out. Jenn and Eric definitely captured the 'timeless' feeling that we were looking for. Amy and I tend to be pretty photogenic as it is, but shooting with Jenn and Eric really brought our personalities out and it is definitely portrayed in the pictures.  During the shoot Amy and I were made to feel very comfortable and natural. We were definitely given just the right amount of direction to capture that playful nature that both Amy and I have in our daily lives. The end result came out far better than I could have imagined. Amy and I could not be happier with the final result."-- Danny + Amy

"Jenn and Eric met up with Evan and I, behind Island water sports in downtown Lake worth. I loved how well they communicated with Evan, and he had alot of fun posing for the camera. It was brutally hot outside so I was stoked that they got a bunch of shots in less than an hour. What I loved the most is that Jenn didn't hesitate to get down in the dirt to get the shots she wanted. And the best part is every single picture looks amazing. Thanks again!"-- Melinda

A few of my weekend fav's:

Lil Miss Rylee {19 days old!}

Ohhhhh I could have squeezed her to death!  Momma wouldn't have liked that though!  She is SO precious.  Rylee was born at 37 weeks and 5 days on May 26th (A day after my birthday!  Don't worry mom, I'll teach her how to be a good gemini!!)  She is so adorable, I just loved all the pink mom had for her.  Love bug :) That's exactly what she is!  Mom took part in our amazing and fantastic newborn special (which is still being offered) and from the quickness that one of our photo's became her default facebook photo, I'd say she's happy!

Shana:: congrats again on being a new mommy.  You'll do a great job and you have a perfect little angel to spend the rest of your life with!

Sneak peaks!!!

Florida Trip #4

June 11-15 Eric Mack and I will be in Florida to photograph a wedding.  We are offering sessions to those interested so please contact me to schedule time with us.  Time is limited due to wedding and travel so book now before we book up!

There are certain images WE are looking for and offering discounts to those interested in shooting the following:

Trash the dress (Prom dress, brides maid dress, wedding gown, etc)

Boudoir with a twist (Outdoor and indoor... you'd be surprised what we can come up with)

Grunge/Rock (For those willing to do something a little less ordinary)

Maternity & Newborn (Still offering our fabulous special!)

Greenville Photographer | Wee-One

Tiffany & Dustin had lil Elijah just in time to take advantage of our crazy, insane, unbelievable newborn special. (I over did it, didn't I?)

Eli is 5 days old today and beautiful.  But, don't let the fact that he is 5 days old fool you.  He picks up his head, opens his eyes big and bright and wiggles like a little worm.  I got to use some new props that a friend knitted for us (If you're interested in purchasing please contact me and I will send you her way) and they were adorable on him.

If you're interested in taking part of our crazy, insane, unbelievable newborn special just send us a message and I'll give you all the details!

Dawson Cole{Newborn}

I met little Dawson at his moms baby shower last month, we got to view him in 4D before he made his grand entrance.  But today I got to meet the little dude in person and he is gorgeous!   Beautiful blue eyes, perfect skin and the cutest little fingers and toes.  Mom, Crystal, wanted to do something fun and different for his photo shoot so we went with a more antique look and got the most amazing shot at the end when he finally fell asleep.  Here's his very own slide show: