Month of July promotion

To many, July 4th is a day off work, a day to blow things up(fireworks), and a day to be with(i.e. party with) friends and family.  But, do you know the meaning behind the holiday?  Americans became tired of dictatorship, they wanted to make their own rules.  Congress met and Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence which was adopted on July 4, 1776.  The Declaration of Independence is a symbol of American citizens' goals and their desire to fight for them.  It is a symbol of the USA's independence from Great Britain and the courage it took to stand on our own.

Today, nearly 234 years later we have yet another battle in front of us.  Our troops are still fighting for our freedom, our safety and our independence.  Although it may be a small token, I feel that a promotion just for military families is a way for me to give my thanks and show my support.

For the month of July Mirrored Images will be offer 1/2 off any session, excluding weddings.  Portraits, Trash the Dress, Boudoir, Day After Sesssion & Intimate Sessions.  Session must be booked and a deposit must be placed prior to July 31st.

Testing: 24-70mm f/2.8

Before meeting Alex for dinner tonight, Gavin and I met her in Greer at the Veterans Memorial Park to test out the new lens.  I have to admit, I like the lens but not for what I was looking to do tonight.  So back to the ol' 50 mm for the shoot and here are some images.  Alex and I will, one day, arrange enough time to do an actual shoot.  Todays only lasted 15 mins & we were some hungry girls!

I did manage to take some great pictures of the park, which I will post later.  Check back in a few days for those and for pictures of tomorrows wedding in Charlotte, NC.

Good night!