Palm Beach Newborn Photographer | Adalynn {4 days new}

Oh baby!  I'm always on stand by mode when one of my expecting mommys is getting close to the big day.  Proud dad, Jared, phoned me yesterday to let me know they were home safe and sound and it was my turn to meet Adalynn.  Precious lil Adalynn only four days old was an angel.  She whined just a few times but no major melt downs. After an hour or so she gave up and gave into my photographic demands.  She's such a good baby, Jared and Sam you are blessed to have her and I can't wait to watch her grow.

Enjoy your sneak peaks, there's plenty more to come <3

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Palm Beach Photographer | Robins will wear their feathery fire…

We made it to Florida around 3pm and after baggage claim and renting a car we were on our way to West Palm around 4 and after another 45 min's of traveling we were finally here.  Juli came up with a great idea to shoot in Belle Glade.  Belle Glade?  Where is that? .... Google it, it's in the middle of NO WHERE.  A lot of sugar caine fields and fields and fields.... and more fields.  She had seen a run down house on the side of the road that she felt would make a good spot.  It would have been great!  One problem.... it was covered in over grown trees.  No biggie- plenty of open areas to shoot.  We actually found a spectators area where you could view the swaps.  We heard alligators mating calls and wild birds.  It was very peaceful.  We shot until Juli was attacked by red ants.  Well, she kind of attacked them and then they decided to retaliate.  But I was able to capture Miss Juli and her beautiful art work.  I've known Juli for about 5 years and I've always wanted to photograph her.  She has a unique look and I love it.  Your beautiful, Juli and I had a great time.  Thai + Sushi following was pretty wonderful also. <3 <3