Valentines Day Boudoir Mini's | Palm Beach Boudoir Photographer

I've been so busy, I haven't had the chance to post my Valentines Day Boudoir special.  I may be a little late in the game, but for those who are right there with me... check it out.  Make this Valentines Day unique, treat yourself to being pampered and feeling like a model for a day.  When you hand over his gift you'll make his jaw drop.


EDIT:  Jan 21st is BOOKED.  I am extending this special to Jan 22nd.  Please contact me if you'd like to sign up, deadline to book January 20th.

Greenville Photographer | Wedding Festivals 2011

Today I took part in my first wedding show.  After everything was set up and I stepped back to look at my display it felt perfect.  It was exactly what I envisioned.  My 8 ft tall prints caught the eye of the brides who appreciate my style of shooting.  I met some beautiful ladies who are working very hard at planning their weddings.  Wedding Festivals makes their planning SO much easier!  I believe there were 219 vendors at todays show.  Colleen Wheeler did a fantastic job with the "Wonderland" theme, I loved it!  Its whimsical style went perfectly with my style of shooting.   Congrats to the bride-to-be Erica for winning our door prize!

A few thank you's and shout outs:

Aaron's of Greer - Thank you for the beautiful furniture you leased to me for the day. (Everything but the zebra chairs... I'm in LOVE with those so I had to buy them!)

Fast Signs Greenville - Talk about last minute!  I called on Wednesday and the sign was ready for pick up on Thursday!

All my SUPER friends who endured the pouring rain and hectic set up and tear down.  I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life that support me and my business!

Last but not least thank you to all the brides and guests who stopped at my booth to chat with us about their wedding!

For those who weren't able to make it out to the show today here is what you missed!

Greenville Boudoir Photographer | Valentines Day Sneak Peaks {Part 3}

Wow, what a marathon!  10 girls in three days and two states!  Six new ladies that were a pleasure to meet and work with and four return clients!  What more could I possibly ask for??  The transformation of each woman makes this session so incredibly special and unique.  There will be some very lucky and happy men come February 14th!

Yesterday was the last of the Valentines Day marathon's for 2011 but don't be discouraged.  If you'd like to book a private boudoir session you can hit the 'contact' button above or email

I had five wonderful ladies take part in todays sessions.  Hair and make up was done by Katie Cotton and in a matter of five hours we were able to do full hair & make up and a session for five ladies.  It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed working with so many fun and beautiful women.

And now for the Sneak peaks.... {thank you to the three women who gave me free range to post any image of theirs I wanted!  It helps other women who are 'photographer' shopping!}

West Palm Boudoir Photographer | Valentines Day Sneak Peaks {part two}

Again with the short and sweet blogs.  I promise to be more entertaining and witty once I have some sleep.

I photographed these beautiful ladies on Sunday for the WPB Valentines Day Special.  It's amazing what the finished product will do for a gals self esteem.  They turned this shoot out and made modeling look like a walk in the park.  I gave them both very little direction and only as needed.

My beautiful friend Michelle (the pierced goddess ;) ) was kind enough to host me during my visit to Florida and I thank you for your hospitality!

(I have one last date scheduled for a multi client booking(aka discount) - Jan 30th in Greenville, SC. Click here for the info.  If you are interested in booking a boudoir session and can't attend this date please email me for rates, I am available to shoot in Palm Beach Florida in March {dates TBD}.)

Here's a few to get your mouths watering....

Greenville Boudoir Photographer | Valentines Day Sneak Peaks {part one}

My three beautiful ladies rocked today's shoot.  They showed up ready to take some amazing, empowering, and sexy photographs.  What more could a man want?  Additional images coming after Valentines Day...

Hair and make up was done by Katie Cotton -- amazing work and amazing in front of the camera also!

At the request of a few ladies I am hosting an additional boudoir shoot in time for Valentines Day.  January 30th will be the last time this year I offer this special!   Space is limited.  Click here for info on the special.

As much as I love blogging, I have to keep tonights blog short and sweet.  There's a snow storm brewing and en route to the Upstate which means I need my rest for work in the morning.

Good night and I hope everyone stays warm and safe!

Greenville Boudoir Photographer | Miss Michelle!

Hot, hot, hot!  Michelle is pretty amazing if I must say so myself.  She's absolutely beautiful, she's extremely intelligent and best of all she's an amazing friend.  She flew up to SC to help me recover from my surgery and once I was feeling up to it, I helped her out with a unique Christmas gift for her husband... a boudoir session!  She was fantastic in front of the camera and definitely made my job easy.

Michelle gave the present to her hubby last night and I got this message from her, "Doug got his present.  He said it's the best he's ever gotten!  Thank you, and he says thank you too!  He said maybe you can make him look good in pictures too! LOL"  Of course Doug!  He must have been bashful when he said that because Doug's a personal trainer, no flaws at all.

Here's a few from the session, of course there are some for his eyes only.  Sorry!

Want to have your own Boudoir session?  Check out the Valentines Day Boudoir Special I am offering Jan 9th to Greenville SC and Jan 16th to West Palm Beach Fl clients!!

Valentines Day Give-away

With Valentines Day just days away, it is time to announce this years Valentines Day Give AWAY!!....

Who: Anyone who is engaged!

What: Enter to win a free wedding package.

What exactly will I get?If you book 'A magic Wand' you will get everything in that package free.  If you book 'The Glass Slipper' that's what you'll  get!  If you book 'The Grand Ball' you will get the mack-daddy package for free!!!! See the web site for a description of what each package includes.

How: Book with Mirrored Images by March 28, 2010 and your name will automatically be entered.  Booking requires 50% deposit and a signed contract, deposit will be returned in full if your name is drawn

Drawing will take place April 6th and the winner will be contacted immediately.

The fine print: must receive at least 3 submissions, in the event that less than three couples enter to win the contest will be canceled. If venue is more than 50 miles outside of Greenville County, traveling charges may apply.