Palm Beach Photographer | Charles Jamieson Law

I've had several local businesses contact me lately about head shots for new marketing material and/or web sites. I guess everyones in the midst of rebranding (I'm always in the midst of it....) It's not something I specialize in, but I'm willing to photograph what a client requests if I'm capable of it. Regardless of the session type, I always try to create an image that matches my style. This isn't your typical blue background head shot, its better ;) (toot, toot) I think it shows a more contemporary and approachable head shot.

Mr. Jamieson is a family law attorney in West Palm Beach and has been practicing for over 28 years. Based on my encounter with Mr. Jamieson, he is passionate about his clients and believes in the service he provides. He was easy to get along with and was open to the suggestions I had.

Here's a single sneak peak: