Greenville Family Photographer | The Gang's All Here

Well, I'm sad to say it but this was my last photo shoot in Greenville until September.  Between packing breaks I snuck away with some great folks for their family portraits.  Christan headed up my fundraiser a few months ago and I am forever grateful to her and the others who helped.  They are a wonderful group and taking a few photographs is the least I can do to show my thanks.

I met Christan, Justin, Samantha, Hailey, and lil Reece this evening in downtown Greer.  OMG it was SO hot.  The three kids were insanely well behaved, kudos to mom for that.  I think they were the best behaved I've ever photographed.  We shot for about 45 min's before the sweat started showing up and the bugs were flying around.  Poor Reece, I have a funny shot of him trying to swat the bugs away and he was getting so aggravated!  I'll save that for the end of this post, it's great haha.

I'm glad I could set aside some time for these guys, and I'm happy I could repay Christans kindness with a few images that she can love and cherish for ever <3

And here's my funny one of Reece!!!


Greenville Wedding Photographer | Erin + Charlie {Engaged} !

Erin and Charlie are having a beautiful destination wedding in Myrtle Beach on 9-10-11 ( Get it? )  Today we set out to photograph their engagement.  I remember emailing Erin asking if she wanted to book their session soon so we could avoid the summer heat, well today was the hottest day of the year.... coincidence that it was the day after the "rapture."  Lucky for the three of us, this location had plenty of shade, all we needed was a breeze and we'd be set!

You both were fun to work with and I can't wait to photograph your wedding!  (Smile Charlie!!)

Greenville Family Photographer | Halloween Portrait Contest

I was expecting 10-15 kids today and only two showed up!  I was pretty disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing all the creative costumes everyone came up with.  Given that I only provided a 3 days notice I'd like to reschedule the free portrait session and offer it again on Friday the 22nd at 6pm.  If you're interested and WILL be showing up please email or comment.

My son Gavin dressed up as a cop and because I'm his mom.. well, he can't enter the contest but don't tell him that!  Brady came as a GI Joe from Toy Story and we got down on the ground for an army crawl, which he was a pro at.  Samuel was a biker and like all bikers he had the attitude to go with it.  He refused to look at the camera and when I played with him he tried his best to not crack a smile.  Well, haha Samuel I got a few good ones for your biker mom to keep!