Greenville Family Photographer | Halloween Portrait Contest

I was expecting 10-15 kids today and only two showed up!  I was pretty disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing all the creative costumes everyone came up with.  Given that I only provided a 3 days notice I'd like to reschedule the free portrait session and offer it again on Friday the 22nd at 6pm.  If you're interested and WILL be showing up please email or comment.

My son Gavin dressed up as a cop and because I'm his mom.. well, he can't enter the contest but don't tell him that!  Brady came as a GI Joe from Toy Story and we got down on the ground for an army crawl, which he was a pro at.  Samuel was a biker and like all bikers he had the attitude to go with it.  He refused to look at the camera and when I played with him he tried his best to not crack a smile.  Well, haha Samuel I got a few good ones for your biker mom to keep!

Jones + Gillian:: Married! {Greer City Hall}

Tonight I shot along side of Ben Robi and I have to admit... it was pretty fun.  It was our first time shooting together and we didn't have a single glitch in the system! :o) .

We started off at a church in Greer where the couple had a beautiful ceremony.  The groom made a special entrance and danced down the isle.  Following the ceremony we headed to the reception at Greer City Hall for wedding party pictures.  I took the ladies and Ben took the men.  What a wedding party!  10 on each side! Whew... it was by far the largest wedding party I have shot to date.

Over all, it was a great night, a beautiful wedding and a lot of fun.  It was a pleasure to be a part of your wedding day and allowing me to create a story through my art.

Reid Family {Greer City Hall}

I met the Reid/Carithers family tonight for some family photos.  Our session was at 6:45 and right around 5pm it started thundering, lightning and raining.... and I live five minutes from where we were scheduled to shoot.  But as fate would have it... not only did the nonsense weather stop but it was beautiful out.  Perfect conditions for an outside shoot.

After dodging the herds of people and trying to stay out of the way of another couples wedding photographs, we manage to sneak in a few good ones.  Here are the sneak peaks.

Also, keep an eye out for Chandler and Amber, I'll be doing their 2011 Senior Portraits next week!

Happy Birthday, Samuel!

Yesterday I spent time with the Rochesters in Greer to photograph lil Samuels second year of life.  Happy birthday Samuel (at least you got a cup cake out of it!)