Anniversary Boudoir | Client Love

Oh hello.  I'm currently in Doylestown PA and I love this town.  It's so cute, historic and everything I want in my brand.  There are antique stores everywhere!  The houses here are so beautiful, some are from the 1800's.  We're visiting family for Memorial Day and I have a little bit of downtime before dinner so... here's the latest client love!  Mrs. A is a young professional, mom, and a smokin' wife.  Unfortunately I can't share any of her images with you BUT I can share her kind words from the experience...

I chose Mirrored Images because of the classy way she described boudoir photography.  I did this as an anniversary gift to my husband, which I've thought of doing for the last four years.  After having kids I thought it would be an empowering experience and a gift my husband wouldn't expect.  Yes, I was nervous. for sure.  It's very vulnerable and like nothing I've ever done. The session was chill and just me and Jenn in the room--she made me feel totally comfortable and helped me relax and posed me for my body to look my best!  My favorite part of the experience was just the empowerment that I feel as a woman and being about to be confident for my husband--he will love this!  I'd recommend this to everyone, it makes you feel confident and Jenn will totally walk you through the process with patience.


Thanks Mrs. A!  <3 <3


The beautiful place that I will soon call my studio is getting a few renovations this week, I'll be stopping in to make a few of my own -- and after our trip to Florida the studio will be open and ready for you beautiful ladies and your boudoir photography sessions.  I have a lot of fun and exciting news to release, so stay tuned!

Greenville Photographer | Holiday Gift Certificate Special!

I'm in a special giving mood.  Between my amazing Valentines Day Special and the great deal I am about to announce there's no reason why you don't have updated photo's of you and your family!

Gift certificates are available year round.  Photographs are a timeless gift that are passed down for generations.  What better way to say "I love you" to someone special in your life than to give them a gift certificate for professional photographs.  This year I am offering 5  $300 gift certificates at the discounted rate of $250.  Thats a $50 savings! These certificates can be used for any session, other than wedding day photography.  The $300 will cover the session with some $$ left to go toward products.  I will also offer 2 $200 gift certificate for $165.  This will cover the cost of the session with no $$ left over for products.

Oh!  How about buying this gift certificate for your special lady so she can take part in the discounted Valentines Day special!

Women love to feel beautiful and love to know that YOU feel  they are beautiful.  Giving your special lady this gift certificate says "I want pictures of you plastered all over my house" and who doesn't want to feel adored?

Do you have a friend or family member that is expecting?  Think outside of the box and give them the gift of a lifetime of memories!

Do you know someone who wasn't able to afford professional photography on  their wedding day?  They can use this to book a Day After Session and relive the moments the way they were meant to be remembered!

Grandparents give this gift to your children so you can get updated pictures of your grandbabies!

See, there are just so many ways this gift certificate can be used.