Greenville Family Photographer | The Gang's All Here

Well, I'm sad to say it but this was my last photo shoot in Greenville until September.  Between packing breaks I snuck away with some great folks for their family portraits.  Christan headed up my fundraiser a few months ago and I am forever grateful to her and the others who helped.  They are a wonderful group and taking a few photographs is the least I can do to show my thanks.

I met Christan, Justin, Samantha, Hailey, and lil Reece this evening in downtown Greer.  OMG it was SO hot.  The three kids were insanely well behaved, kudos to mom for that.  I think they were the best behaved I've ever photographed.  We shot for about 45 min's before the sweat started showing up and the bugs were flying around.  Poor Reece, I have a funny shot of him trying to swat the bugs away and he was getting so aggravated!  I'll save that for the end of this post, it's great haha.

I'm glad I could set aside some time for these guys, and I'm happy I could repay Christans kindness with a few images that she can love and cherish for ever <3

And here's my funny one of Reece!!!


Greenville Wedding Photographer | Lauren + Simon {Married} !!

Another beautiful wedding shot with Ben Robi Photography!  Ben called me and said he needed a feminine touch for an upcoming wedding.  ;) Actually he called saying that he needed a female photographer to do "Getting Ready" shots for an upcoming wedding... but  same difference, right?!  Either way, I showed up and decided to stay until the end.

The ceremony was at Furman University's Chapel and it was the first wedding I've been to or photographed at their chapel.  It's beautiful both inside and out!  The high ceilings with the wood accents and the traditional touches through out make it a classic and timeless place to get married.  From there we packed up and headed downtown Greenville to Larkin's On The River for the reception.  What a busy day for downtown.  There were probably 5 other weddings going on, the Greek Festival, and some kind of music event going on.  Larkin's in a beautiful place to have a reception because of all the wonderful natural lighting and decor.

Thanks for having me Ben, and thank you Lauren + Simon for allowing me to capture such a beautiful and special day for you both.