Palm Beach Photographer | Promotional Pictures of yours truly ....

Gahhhh!!!  So cliche, but I HATE having my picture taken.  I can pose you, no matter what body type or features you're rockin' but I can NOT pose myself.  /sigh.  Okay, now that I had my tantrum.

Along with the new branding I am also getting all new material printed and I've included a section about me.  First, I'm horrible at writing about myself.  Second, I'm horrible at getting my picture taken.  So I asked my darling friend Eric to photograph me today.  Eric taught me a lot about photography and now he's a *retired* photographer so I was stoked when he agreed to do this for me.  I wanted to kill two birds with one stone so I figured I would bring my mini man along and get some pictures of us together.  I've never had professional pictures taken of us together.  HYPOCRIT!  Yes, I know.  I guess I'm so critical of myself because I do this professionally.

Anyway, we battled with drive-bys, wind, wanting to do sun flares, and the heat.  Oh and we fed a stray kitten.  But I'm happy with the outcome.  But just for the record, if you ever go to Forest City.... don't dress like me.  You'll get weird looks.


PS- If you've followed me on Facebook you know I am now offering a discount to tattooed/modified brides.  I am tattooed, so I can get away with profiling!  And I think women who are tattooed are beautiful.  The weddings of modified couples are always a TON of fun, which adds to my reason to wanting to build my portfolio with expressive and unique individuals.  Email me about the details if you're interested.

PPS- I'm setting up a day for a mini pin-up marathon.  I use the term pin-up loosely.  I'm not setting up the typical sets.  It's going to be hot rods, hot chics (inked preferably), and hot outfits.  This will not be a boudoir/pin up type session.  I'm working on finding a make up artist who can do pin-up styles.  Email me for details and to put your name on the list.  Slots are on a first come first serve basis.

So on to the photos! (Hair & Make up by Katie Cotton, Photography by Eric Mack, Lighting by Eric + Gavin, Editing by Me.)


And heres some of my crew! LOL

My FAILED attempt at a sun flare!