Mal & Cal {Downtown Greenville}

I met Mallorie downtown Greenville a few months ago.  She was working with TJ from Gvegas Nights and I was down there with some friends promoting Portraits for Heroes.  Mallorie was one of the awesome contestants in our bachelor & bachelorette auction, so I was definitely excited to shoot her.

Again, with the rain.  And again it was cleared up by 5 but this time it left behind nasty humidity.  We shot at The Children's Garden which is a cute little area under the 123 Bridge with flowers, gardens, etc.

Mallorie brought her daughter Caleigh, she's 13 months and so adorable.  Those chunky cheeks and gorgeous eyes make her completely irresistable and not to mention she has one hot momma!  Doesn't she look amazing, you'd never know she had a child!

Sneak peaks: