They Got Nothin’ On You, Baby…

Lisa spent 5 years modeling but decided to put it to rest when she had her lil girl two years ago.  Today was just as much of a treat to her as it was to myself.  She is a beautiful, strong, single mother and I hope that I was able to bring her strength to these images.

That Girl Like Somethin’ Off A Poster…

Nicole... Nicole... Nicole... you did an amazing job today and it was a pleasure to photograph you.  She told me she had never done anything like this before, I guess that makes her a natural!!

I had so many great pics I couldn't decide on just one, so here's a flash show for you to see them!

A Love Like Katie & Jamie

We all grow up watching fairytale love which we later come to believe it only happens in Hollywood.  Well, it's not true.  In the short time that I've worked with Katie & Jamie my belief that fairy tales don't happen has been dismissed.  They are perfect for each other.  Jamie adores Katie and looks after her well being even with the smallest things.  Much love and blessings to you, Mr & Mrs James Leenman.


Katie & Jamie

Clint from C&C and I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Katie for her bridal session a few weeks back; downtown Greenville never looked so good!  She was so much fun and willing to try anything we threw her way.  Here are a few of my fav's from the shoot (you will also see similar images on the C&C site)

IMG_6204 copy

IMG_6202 copy

IMG_6248 copy

IMG_6234 copy

IMG_6417 copy

And today, Clint and I had a boudoir session with Katie & Jamie.  It was boudoir with a twist by having him there and I kind of liked it better!  Due to the intimacy of the session I will only post one photo.  Katie & Jamie are getting married Dec 30th and Clint and I are very excited to shoot their wedding.  Congrats to you both, you're a fantastic couple and perfect for each other!

IMG_7788 copy