Sponsorships for Portraits for Heroes

Well it turns out that Portraits for Heroes will not qualify as a nonprofit organization.  Read over the following preliminary information and contact me with any questions:

  • MARKETING GOAL: To secure both corporate and community sponsors to provide both monetary and product sponsorship to ensure adequate funding for event as well as provide prizes for raffles and additional funds for lump sum charitable contribution.
  • This is an opportunity to give back to our local heroes and showcase your goods/services
  • The public has a positive perception of companies who support the military and their families.
  • Looking to obtain a "flagship" sponsor for this event in cooperation with Mirrored Images.  Flagship has a higher cost of sponsorship but reaps higher rewards in being presented as main sponsor and co-organizer of event.
  • Accepting donations from the public, any donations would be appreciated.

Portraits for Heroes 2010

As promised to those I let down last year, it is time to start planning Portraits for Heroes 2010. For those who are not familiar with this event here is some info:

Event: Portraits for Heroes
What: An event for local military families to get a free mini-portrait session and a free 8x10. But that's not all, families will enjoy a day of family fun with activities ranging from bounce houses, face painting, clowns to live entertainment.
For Who: Military families; active, reserves, deployed, retired and families who no longer have their loved ones.
When: 9/12/2010 *tentative date!*
Location: TBD
Whats Needed: DONATIONS!!! Money makes the world go round and without donations this event will not happen! Aside from cash donations we will also be looking for food, raffle items, gift certificates, entertainment and anything else you're willing to give!

And the BIGGEST mission to accomplish is to create a non-profit organization so all your donations can be claimed and according to the research I have done so far this is an expensive task ranging from $1000-$2000.  We obviously don't have that kind of $$ laying around SO if anyone knows a lawyer that may be able to handle this pro bono that would be terrific!

Clint, from C&C Photography, and I will be working tediously to get this event ready in  time.  We ask for help of all shapes and sizes.  For our family members who aren't currently working, we sure can use the help and I have a stack of phone numbers you could call for us! *wink!*