Greenville Photographer | Michelle {Mountain View}

At the risk of losing fingers & toes this afternoon Michelle and I headed to a fantastic field that I have been eye balling for weeks.  The wind was horrendous and made it a hit and run photo shoot.  If I had to guess, it was below 0 but that's not an educated guess. :)

What I love about this field is that it's raised so all you see in the background are the mountains, the sky, and the trees.  Foreground there are huge bales of hay that make it very country-esk.  If it wasn't for the below 0 weather, this would have been an amazing shoot.

After thawing in the car we moved on to a local peach orchard to play with some sun techniques.

Thanks to Michelle for being an amazing sport and despite the sub arctic temperatures you did a great job!

From Her Cowboy Boots to Her Down Home Roots…

Erica and I spent a few hours on the farm today for a photo shoot and it was a lot of fun.  She wanted a classic red and white barn and that's exactly what they had.  Cedar Ridge Farm is a great spot; they offer riding lessons, birthday parties and barn or pasture boarding.  Bill and Larry were great to work with and very helpful!  We ended up getting rained out of there early, but not before Erica played in the rain.  If you look closely you'll see some rain in a few of the images.

Thanks again to the guys at Cedar Ridge Farm!