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A few days ago I got this crazy idea that I should rebrand.  I say crazy because I literally JUST rebranded back in November.  I liked it at first, but I didn’t feel like it went well with my personality or my style of shooting.  As I previously blogged about, I am relocating to Palm Beach next month and I felt that this would be a perfect time to change the look of everything.  I figured, I have to reorder everything to update the address and phone number so why not do it all!

I designed my logo and after enlisting in the help of a few good friends, we went with the color scheme and logo version you’re seeing now!  Green and purple, dots and lines, and some sort of splotchy thing.  I feel like its fun, fresh, clean, modern, and definitely more my style!

Because I’m on a short time frame, with the move approaching in 19 days, I purchased a marketing kit from Go4ProPhotos that included all the templates you see below.  I spent the entire day plugging in my information, new colors & logo, and creating a kit for weddings and one for portraits.  Although it’s a lot of polka dots, I really like it!  I can’t wait to get it all printed and put together hard copies of my welcome kits…. and I can’t wait to hear what everyone else  thinks of it.  So let ‘er rip!  I want to know the good, bad, and the ugly!

  • Leah Remillet - Looks Great!! You did an awesome job taking little touches to make it your own! I love it! I don’t think it’s to much polka dot at all – it’s a fabulous consistent brand that is cheerful and fun! I can’t wait to see the hard copy’s either!

  • Christy Miller - I love your new marketing materials! I think this will really help grow your business! Proud of you for taking such a huge step in starting over and making new plans! You will do great wherever you venture! Can’t wait to get together later this year and work together.

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