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Palm Beach Animal Photographer | My Brody needs help

My poor Brody 🙁

My son and I adopted Brody from a rescue last year, they guessed he was around 10 months old.  He’s been the best dog I’ve ever had.  At the time we adopted him he had a clean bill of health.  It was time for his yearly vaccinations and I took him in and found out he has Heart Worm Disease.  This was found in a blood test and I was informed that it would only show up if he had the disease for more than 6 months.  It’s transmitted to dogs from mosquittos, thankfully not contageous from dog to dog because there’s two other dogs in the house.  If left untreated, he only has a couple years to live and it will be a miserable death, as his organs will shut down causing heart failure.  My poor boy has to go through a month of antibiotics (he’s going to HATE peanut butter) and then injections.  He’ll need to be on “cage” rest for a month after each injection because if one of the dead worms breaks loose from his heart and into his blood stream he could die.  I can’t remember the rest of the treatment because it was all a lot of take in.  But I do know there are a series of shots and cage rest.  He’s such an active dog, it’s going to be a chore to keep him on cage rest.

The treatment totals around $1300.  To raise money to help pay for his treatment I am offering pet photoshoots for the next two months.  The sessions will be on location and I ask for a minimum of $50 donation.  Just call, email, or comment here to book your date.  Evenings after 6:30 and weekends are open.  Please use the “share” icons on the bottom of this post to share the info with friends on your social networks.  Thanks in advance!

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