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Greenville Photographer | Tim, Becky, Logan & Lucas

Big Tuna & family came out to Greenville today to take part in my holiday special!  (You probably want to know why I just called him Big Tuna, right?  Tim & Becky are divers and Tim is on the dive team for Spartanburg.  Does it make sense now?)  Their adorable little men were so much fun to work with.  Logan, the red head, and Lucas, the blonde, will definitely be heart breakers when they get older!

Becky & Tim chose the Rock Garden in downtown Greenville for todays session.  It’s been a while since I’ve shot down there and WOW for a Friday afternoon it was packed!  There were two other photographers there and a few families just hanging out.  It is such a beautiful area and very relaxing.  The boys played bubbles, rode their bikes and played some foot ball with their dad.

My fav from the session was the reverse choke hold, as Logan called it.  I love kids, they’re so awesome to work with.

  • Gail Edwards - These are amazing pictures, great work~

  • Tym Turner - What a great shoot! The boys are handsome!

  • Charlotte Black Reilly - Great pics of Tim, Becky and the boys. I love how their natural expressions are captured on film. Beautiful family.

  • Sara Gay - Love the pictures! Looks like a grat day for pictures!

  • warren guilmartin - Very good pictures. Shoots of boys on the bikes and blowing bubbles are great!

  • jean guilmartin - Great pictures.Love the ones of the boys they really seem to be enjoying themselves.

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